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Thursday, April 27, 2017

SGI cult speak: "Life condition"

"Life condition", expression used by the SGI cult. It is nowhere to be found in the Lotus Sutra or Gosho. "Life condition" may be either "high" or "low". When referring to critics of SGI, it is always "low". When talking to other members, it may be either high or low. Low is always a pejorative. Anyone who complains is said to have a "low" life condition. Nichiren Daishonin sometimes complained about the cold, lack of food, lack of clothing, and loneliness. Were he an SGI member, they would be whispering behind his back that "he has a low life condition." One day, after having chanted several hours of Daimoku, "wide awake" [in the Buddhist sense] and very joyful, I came upon several former SGI friends and leaders. After a tepid greeting from them, the first thing they said to me was, "since leaving the SGI you have a low life condition." I broke out in a hearty laugh and went on my way.

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