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Sunday, April 9, 2017

"Shakyamuni is still present in the world" -- Nichiren

"Reading this passage, we can see that the Lotus Sutra is none other than Shakyamuni Buddha himself. For persons who do not have faith in the Lotus Sutra, Shakyamuni Buddha has passed into extinction. But for those who put faith in the sutra, although Shakyamuni Buddha may seem to have passed into extinction, he is still present in the world.'

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  1. And we can be assured that the True Buddha, Shakyamuni has kept his word-- that he is always here in this world, teaching the Law.

    Odd that the SGI/NST recite the jigage everyday-- actually recite the solemn vow; golden words of the Buddha-- and then completely discard Shakyamuni's relevance in their practice --. It is as though they affirm that the Buddha and his teaching are ONE, by disbelieving the sutra passage they recite and discarding Shakyamuni--

    Those of us who practice with gratitude for the True Buddha, know that Shakyamuni remains in this world- teaching the Law. Reading the Gosho, one finds numerous references to Nichiren's attestant to the eternal presence of Shakyamuni Buddha.