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Sunday, April 9, 2017

The words of Daisaku Ikeda before the excommunication of 1991:

"We, ourselves, cannot produce the Gohonzon. Since it's the enlightened entity of Nichiren Daishonin no one has the authority other than the successive High Priests who have been the sole heirs to the Heritage of the True Law. We take no part in this. Therefore, the objects of worship inscribed by those in the Butsuryu and Minobu factions [of the Nichiren sect] are absolutely powerless. They are worthless because they are fake. In fact, they contain the power of evil spirits. That is why they are dangerous." Josei Toda, Daibyaku Renge, 98, p. 98

"We conduct the third prayer to express our deepest appreciation toNichiren Daishonin, the Buddha of the Latter Day of the Law. In this third silent prayer, we also offer our gratitude to Nikko Shonin, the second High Priest and the founder of Taisekiji. Further, we offer our appreciation to the third High Priest, Nichimoku Shonin, and all the successive High Priests of Nichiren Shoshu, each of whom transmitted the Heritage of the Law to the next. Presently, as you know, the 67th high priest, Nikken Shonin, has inherited the Law. Now he is the master of true Buddhism." Daisaku Ikeda, Buddhism in Action, vol. 1, p. 107

"Members of the Minobu school of the Nichiren sect chant daimoku. They have the Gosho. Their recitation of the sutra also includes the Hoben and Juryo chapters. And, in the Shoshinkai, which consists of ex-priests of Nichiren Shoshu, the portions of the sutra they recite and the daimoku that they chant are identical to the practice we observe. Though their religion may seem the same as ours, they lack the single, unbroken Heritage of the Law recieved directly from Nichiren Daishonin. If one's faith is not based on this line of inheritance, it is worthless to embrace any Gohonzon, for no benefit will be forthcoming. That is to say, 'Without the lifeblood of faith, it would be useless to embrace the Lotus Sutra.'" Daisaku Ikeda, Buddhism in Action, vol. 3, p. 254

"The fundamental principle of Nichiren Shoshu is the Heritage of the Law transmitted to a sole person. It is, indeed, the correct objective for both Priesthood and laity to follow the High Priest who has received this Heritage of the Law. If we err on this single point,everything will crumble. The Soka Gakkai has followed the successive High Priests. I am confident, therefore, that we will absolutely prosper for eternity." Daisaku Ikeda, Jan. 24, 1982, Soka Univ. gymnasium: "Kofu to Jinsei Wo Kataru," vol. 3, p. 32

"In this sect (Nichiren Shoshu), the Living Essence, Uninterrupted Light of the Law has been bestowed like the transferal of the water of the Law from one vessel to another upon each specifically chosen High Priest in the lineage until the present day. To the last, the True Buddha is Nichiren Daishonin, and **we must revere the inner enlightenment of the High Priests, which is only bestowed on and between High Priests, in the same way that we revere the Daishonin."** Daisaku Ikeda, May 3, 1979

"Here, the 'Treasure of the Priest' refers to the High Priests in the line of Nikko Shonin, who are the only ones who have received the transmission of the Living Essence of the Law until the present day. Furthermore, all of the Priests are the disciples of the High Priest. They are the House of the Law. Consequently, no matter what the circumstances may be, we must hold the Priests in a place of importance." Daisaku Ikeda, February 28, 1978

"The 'Treasure of the Priest' refers to the 2nd High Priest of this sect, Nikko Shonin, and as the 3rd president has stated, also refers to the High Priests, the only persons who have received the Living Essence of the Law." Seikyo Shimbun, June 30, 1978

"The Treasure of the Priest begins with Nikko Shonin, who correctly acceded to the possession of the Living Essence of the Law of True Buddhism, continues with the successive generations of High Priests, and in a broader sense, includes all of the members of the Priesthood who are of the House of the High Priest of the Law." Daisaku Ikeda,

"Daibyaku Renge," November 1979 issue, reprinted in October 1983 issue "Any person who is not obedient to the High Priest, whatever the reason may be, is no longer a Priest or lay member of Nichiren Shoshu. This is because there is no error more fundamental than this." Daisaku Ikeda, November 24, 1981, predicting his excommunication a decade later

"The foundation of Nichiren Shoshu is the Bestowal of the Living Essence of the Law upon the One and Only Person. The only correct path for both Priests and lay believers is to proceed in obedience to the High Priest because of that Face to Face Bestowal of the Living Essence of the Law." Daisaku Ikeda, Jan. 24, 1982

"Till the end, only the High Priest's instruction can be the basis for the doctrines of Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism." Daisaku Ikeda, April 17, 1981

"The inheritance of the Living Essence of the Law is the origin of Nichiren Shoshu. With the Dai-Gohonzon as their source, the successive generations of High Priests, the only ones to whom this has been transferred, have continued in their Eternal Protection of the Law." Daisaku Ikeda, July 24, 1982

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