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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Why I was kicked off Buddha Jones

Here,, everyone was allowed to discuss anything related to Nichiren Buddhism, no matter how heterodox but not me. Why? Saying such things as, "Try practicing as did Nichiren and see how long before you are asked to leave the Universal Universalists. See how long for them to reveal that they are not universal universalists. Telling them that they are all destined for the Hell of Incessant Suffering because they don't chant the Daimoku and [then] you are a disciple and believer of Nichiren Daishonin. Tell them that if they chant the Daimoku of the Lotus Sutra they will experience the joy of joys, untouched by wind, water, fire, or sword."


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    1. anonymous...seriously, is that the best you can do?

  2. I employ more thoughtful means of introducing the topic of the supremacy of the Lotus Sutra in a face-to-face discussion with someone I know who is comfortable discussing life philosophy with me. That is to say I do not seek to know someone's religious beliefs and then tell them they are destined for the hell of incessant suffering...etc.

    BUT, IF I were to attend any heretical gathering-- including SGI/NST activities and NOT forthrightly state exactly what the Buddha taught, I would be complicit in slander-- and I know the effects of passive resistance from my third encounter with the slanderous SGI Boston tribe!

    What is almost impossible to describe is actually critical to understanding why we must do true shakubuku-- the suffering that one encounters for complicity is heavy, dark and unrelenting-- the suffering one encounters who is expiating his sins of slander by rebuking slander fades like dew in the morning sun the moment one chants the daimoku--

    Some of the most ignorant complicit leaders in SGI, infuse their lives with the energy of members seeking the Law--They feed on it actually, which is why you see them flying all over the U.S. to attend large gatherings of innocent members!! They are not icons of Buddhist practice, which is clearly noticed IF you get a chance to encounter one apart from the "welcoming committee" who is wining and dining them when they show up in "your town"-- Yes, apart from their "comfort zone" crew: Note their shallowness, -the abrupt changes in their demeanor-- the inability to restrain from showing arrogance, rudeness and intolerance of "the members" !! NOTICE how much worse they are when not feeding on the enthusiasm of unwitting members!!

    Anyone who has made contact with the Lotus Sutra via Nichiren's teachings is an absolute fool to enter the realm of a lesser-teaching "religion " ( SGI/NST included) and NOT speak the truth!! Would be great if they got their effects immediately.... then there would be no reason to issue them strong words of rebuke !!


  3. Shakyamuni Buddha had all the thirty-two auspicious features, his body a golden color, his face like the full moon. And yet when evil persons looked at him, some saw his color as ashen, some saw him as sooty, and some saw him as an enemy."

    This is equally true today and in this evil age when there are many more persons stained with The Three Poisons of Anger, Avarice, and Stupidity, many see our abject disgraceful leaders, priests, and false mentors as golden hued allies of the people rather than the demonic robbers of life that they are.
    Posted by Mark Rogow at 7:16 PM No comments:

    there are many....a couple highly stand out....ikeda, trump. karma's a bitch!

    ikeda and trump are vampires who suck the life force of the people of the latter age and make them sick. sometimes causing death.

    1. oh yeah, and the lowlife priest ryuei. i almost forgot about him.

    2. Sounds like you are describing Law devouring caldron- headed demons ‼

      It is due to the blessings of upholding faith in the Lotus Sutra that one can correctly perceive these things .


    3. it seems that the heart/life condition is truly everything. two people can look at the same thing and completely see two different things. possibly, there are degrees to insanity. the more insane, the more bazar the interpetation. maybe this is why it is important to follow the buddha based on faith. sadly, the renegade buddhists attain only a deeper delusion. they take the "magic words" while discarding it's real meaning. this is a bad karma from the past and the medicine is to take faith and demonstrate that faith in this life. instead, the renegades compound their illness.

      mark, i spoke with your friend gloria today and did some easy shakubuku. she said sometimes she reads your blog. interesting person.

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    5. Hi Greg! Over the past few weeks since we talked, I have had no less than 5 opportunities to do shakubuku- .

      Hope to talk again soon-- when time permits :-)

      Been quite busy since our connection-- in a very good and productive way!


    6. cheers katie...may the force be with you. i hope oma and the wand makers are doing well ! ok, i know....mixing metaphors. at your convenience.