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Monday, May 29, 2017

Do not be sorry you don't lead an easy life, it is the path to Buddhahood.

One of the problems is that we lack imagination. Buddha's and Nichiren's lives were extremely hard but the SGI and others talk about a relatively easy life devoid of the privations of Buddha and Nichiren. In order to attain Buddhahood, thanks to the workings of the Law and the compassion and mercy of the Buddha, we are assailed with difficulties from day one so we can challenge and overcome them through the power of faith, practice, the power of the Law, and the power of the Buddha. Have you ever been really ill at night, a high fever or severe pain. The night seems to last forever but really it is only eight or ten hours and when the sun comes up, we usually feel much better and regain a sense of hope. Think of travelers to the New World caught in a monster storm that seems to never end. As long as they stay focused, protect the ship and protect their comrades and the captain, eventually the storm abates and calm seas prevail [until the next storm]. The Storms of the Buddha are called the Nine Great Persecutions and the storms of Nichiren are called the Five Great Persecutions. Minor difficulties that we would find oppressive and probably through which we could not even survive, eating snow, putrid rice gruel, grass, roots, and bracken, being spit upon by men, women, and children, having to run for our lives and being attacked by crazed warriors, were too numerous to mention. Do not be sorry you don't lead an easy life, it is the path to Buddhahood.

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