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Monday, May 22, 2017

Let's learn Nichiren Lotus Sutra Buddhism correctly

SGI: "The prime point of Chapter 7 of the Lotus Sutra is the eternal bond of mentor and disciple."

Nichiren: "The prime point of Chapter 7 of the Lotus Sutra is major world system dust particle kalpas [sanzen-jintengo]."


  1. EXCELLENT!! YES, let's PLEASE do begin to learn Nichiren's Lotus sutra Buddhism correctly!!

    Where to start?? I am fortunate to be in contact with Nichiren Priest, Shinkei, who has shared study material that is satisfying my quest to learn more about Nichiren himself. I began my practice reading the Gosho and the Lotus Sutra on my own, so for me, this course of study that Shinkei is providing strengthens and further explains what I already believed--because I accept and believe Nichiren's own words., but had no foundation for teaching "what I believe", nor did I have a sound context for truly appreciating Nichiren's teachings. these things are important to me because I am currently introducing my 11 and 8 year old grand children to Nichiren's Lotus Sutra Buddhism. What I am finding is that the starting point, or the focus has to be Shakyamuni Buddha and the Lotus Sutra--and maybe, as my grandson recently suggested, Nichiren started here :

    Nichiren , he claims, must have believed this first of all:

    "ga ji go shu-jo
    I at that time say to the masses of beings,

    jo zai shi fu metsu
    'I am ever here, not extinguished.'

    But, my grandson interjects--How does one encounter the eternal, ever abiding in this world- Buddha?

    Shakyamuni tells us, in the Lotus sutra.

    "sho u shu ku-doku
    Those who have performed merit,

    nyu-wa shichi jiki sha
    Who are gentle and pliant, simple and upright,

    sok-kai ken ga shin
    Then all see my body.

    zai shi ni sep-po
    Staying here, preaching the Dharma.

    waku ji i shi shu
    Sometimes for these masses I preach the

    setsu butsu ju mu-ryo
    Buddha's Life is immeasurable. To those who

    ku nai ken bus-sha
    see the Buddha only after a long time, I preach

    I setsu butsu nan chi
    for them the Buddha is difficult to encounter.'"

    Nichiren's teachings, then can be appreciated as practice that leads one to encountering the True Buddha:

    "In the Lotus Sutra is written: “If there is anyone who practices the Lotus Sutra, and receives and keeps it in this earthly realm, let them keep in mind that this is with the protection of the wondrous powers of Samantabhadra.” This sentence means that if ordinary beings of the Latter Age believe in the Lotus Sutra, it is according to the power of the beneficial guidance of Samantabhadra. Again, it is written, “If anyone receives and keeps, reads, correctly remembers, practices, and copies this Lotus Sutra, know that such a person sees Sakyamuni Buddha. It is the same as being able to hear this Sutra preached from the very mouth of the Buddha himself. Let it be known that such a person does homage to Sakyamuni Buddha himself. According to this passage in the Sutra, the Lotus Sutra and Sakyamuni Buddha are one and the same. (STNl: 123)

    "This, then, is the first point we can note about Nichiren’s understand­ ing of reading the Lotus Sutra: to do so is no less than to encounter Sakyamuni himself face to face. In other words, the Lotus Sutra is taken by Nichiren to be the very embodiment of Sakyamuni Buddha, and thus calls for reception and homage as such.”

    (above link to an article Shinkei sent to me)

    Are there results? -- most important question of all--let me share what is clearly one of those, "Out of the mouths of Babes" moments:

    ... here is a response from my 9 year old grand daughter as she placed an offering of rhododendron blossoms floating in a crystal bowl of water, on my altar. When she placed it next to the small statue of Shakyamuni which sits to the left of my Nichiren Gohonzon, I asked her if this was her offering for the Buddha.

    She replied--" Everything here is the Buddha? Right? Isn't the Gohonzon another picture of Shakyamuni ?"

    Gassho, Shinkei !

    A new curriculum for propagating the true teachings of Nichiren is already bearing fruit!!


    1. what a great share ! cheers !!!!

    2. It is easy to teach children to chant the daimoku . My grandkids heard daimoku as newborns and naturally were drawn to my altar as toddlers , they have chanted the daimoku with me and on their own since age 3. But they have been spared the Gakkai sound byte explanations and I have never lectured them --- instead I have responded to their questions by reading the Gosho and the Lotus Sutra to them . Basically wanted to share how I always sought answers , explanations - directly from Nichiren and the Lotus Sutra. Their take on my practice really brings me joy / like their saying ALL the answers to everything are in .Omar's " Buddhism books" -- They relate the " children who drank poison and went mad" to "Trump supporters "-; people who are prejudiced, selfish -etc. They know the excellent medicine that will "cure these illnesses of the mind " is Namu-myoho-renge-kyo. ---

      I have had the good fortune to live with my grandchildren until last Fall- and have prayed sincerely to be able to introduce them to the true teachings , I am deeply grateful to have recently celebrated my first year anniversary encountering Eagle Peak - the timing was perfect .

      Of course this would not be considered a " benefit " by my old friends in SGI Boston -- 🙀