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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Nichiren comments on the Indian cataclysm of the death of twenty million Buddhists and the near extinction of Buddhism at the hands of the Muslims

"When the spirit of Buddhism is lost or hidden away, people will all let their body hair and nails grow long. Worldly ethics and laws will be forgotten and ignored. Loud noises will come from the sky and the world will shake and move, as though it was on a spinning waterwheel. The walls of the cities, houses and dwellings, will collapse. The medicinal properties of plants will vanish. All but the highest five regions in the world of form and desire, will no longer possess the seven flavors of the tongue or the three good powers of the earth: worldly law, natural law and the Buddhist law. Eventually everything will die. All the positive teachings that lead to freedom will disappear. Flowers and fruits will hardly grow and all become sour. Waterwells, springs and ponds will turn to dust and the earth will buckle and open into dark and ugly rifts. Mountains will burn. The rain dragon will not bring rain so the crops will wither and die. All life will disappear; even grass will not grow. Even the sun and moon will no longer shed their light!"



  1. Wouldn't all expressions and manifestations of "disordered minds and spirits" result from the widespread propagation of evil doctrines that corrupt and destroy the teachings of Nichiren ?

    Which major world religion is not showing signs of divergence that is destroying humanity?

    With 2 large "bodies" slandering the Lotus Sutra and the Buddha all over the world , what should we expect to see in the "shadow" of the croaked bodies of SGI/NST?


  2. I surmise that things will bet far worse before they get better.

  3. I don't disagree , but I also place faith and trust in the multitude of grateful bodhidattvas who vowed to protect the votaries of the Lotus Sutra --

    I don't mean this in terms of being "rescued" but for being fearless when it comes to dismantaling the SGI , parasite of Shoshu--

    After all, it is the Buddha's teaching , the Mystic Law we must uphold and protect -- not our " bodily lives" --


  4. these bodiless people should have chanted the daimoku.