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Monday, May 8, 2017

No ordinary medicine will suffice.

When someone has ingested a powerful poison, is in a deep coma, and is barely breathing, you place an endotracheal tube in their airway, you introduce two large bore catheters into their veins, put a foley catheter into their bladder and a nasogastric tube into their stomach. You then pump their stomach before introducing copious amounts of liquid charcoal. You then determine the type of poison and give an antidote that is sometimes nearly as deadly as the poison itself. You monitor the patient around the clock. A child who skins his knee needs, at most, soap and water, antibotic ointment, and encouragement or even just a small experience from the time you skinned your knee. The medicine has to fit the illness. The illness from drinking the poison of SGI and NST is severe and no ordinary medicine will suffice.

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