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Thursday, May 18, 2017

SGI Boston's President District -- Experience of a 15 year member

I was a member for 15 years.I started in the 80s when in graduated school. It was a very stressful time in my life.I was living far from my home and supporting my self on very little money. I was paying my own education because my family was poor.I didn't have that much self confidence at that time. Back then they gave out gohonzon like candy and I was sucked into it. At first I really thought it was great to have an instant family that cared about me. The people were very nice and I learned many buddhist concepts that made perfect sense to me like esho funi.(oneness of you and enviornment and when you change on inside it would be reflected in outside)There were many other concepts that helped me grow and believe in my self. But as time went on there was something very unsettling in my mind about the leaders communicated to me and I felt extremely uncomfortable with their "guidence" And all the that ever was talked about was the so called priest issue. On and on and on they were telling me about the bad bad priest. And more and more just I general I started to feel like the leaders were so arrogant and controlling.Mr Ikeda was coming to town.Everyone was over the top about this. I look back and see how insane everyone was. Peoplee were chanting non stop about his visit. We chanted for perfect weather for him.Protected safe arrival on and on we chanted for him coming as if G~d was coming to visit. And how we were so fortunate that he is coming.Looking back it was more like we were 4 year olds thinking Santa Claus was coming to bring us gifts. Any was the only district he came to visit was mine when he came. I wasn't there at the time because I had to work.But apparently all the leaders in my district knew he would be there but didn't tell me.I wasn't given a ticket to attend his speach either. Apparently there were only so many.Bit I was told that just sitting in the community center chanting for success of it would bring me benefit. For months after he came the members in my district couldn't stop talking about how fortunate they were for meting him in person and shaking his hand and how they were the luckiest district in Boston. The district even changed its name to President district. If you told someone you were from that district they would say "wow you are so lucky you are from that district. I can go on about a million stories to tell people of what this organization is like.On the surface now the sgi has cooled down from being totally insane but please believe me that what you see on the outside is not the real thing.It is at its core filled with total psychpaths. I want to seriously warn anyone from getting sucked into it all.Maybe you are a more confident person than I was in my 20s but Imam no longer that niece person I was then and unfortunately the deceptiviness of this organization is much more disguised now.I can see threw it all because of all the years I was with them. Stay far far away from these people they will brainwash you into there're way of thinking little by little so that you might not even notice. Luckily I stopped practicing 10 years ago but I am shocked at what the organization did to people I knew back them.They have become complete puppets who don't even think for themselves and are brainwashed int believing mr Ikeda is their idol and their mission in life is to spread the law.I personally believe that this organization is all about controlling people and making money.It is very corrupt and is just a front for very power.I am not drawing this conclusion out of thin air. I have seen and had many personal experiences.I just explained just a tiny one so you can get a taste of what went on in the 80s and like I said on the outside they don't seem that "strange any more but it's just a mask. Behind the mask the organization has other puposes. They told me my gohonzon is a mirror of my life. I used to believe it but now I warn everybody.Do Not Trust the man behind the mirror.Consoder your self lucky you are reading my warning because I have been very damaged by them.

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  1. thanks for the honest share. everybody has been damaged by them...the whole world has been damaged. speaking out about their abuse of buddhism and its members is a very good cause. cheers !