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Thursday, May 25, 2017

The ten biggest SGI lies

1). Nichiren chanted Nam Myoho renge kyo, not Namu Myoho renge kyo.
2). The prime point of the Lotus Sutra is the oneness of mentor and disciple.
3). The Lotus Sutra has lost it's power in Mappo.
4). Nichiren's true intent was inscribing the Dai-Gohonzon of the High Sanctuary of the Essential Teaching in the second year of Ko’an (1279)…This Gohonzon is the root of all Gohonzon.
5). Nichiren Daishonin is the Eternal True Original Buddha, not Shakyamuni.
6). Copies of Nichiren inscribed Gohonzons issued by the Nichiren Shu and Kempon Hokke are absolutely powerless. In fact, they contain the power of evil spirits. That is why they are dangerous.
7). Nikko was Nichiren's sole heir.
8). Nichiren never enshrined nor worshipped a statue of Shakymuni Buddha.
9). SGI is the only unified body of believers spreading the Mystic Law.
10). Nichiren practiced interfaith.

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