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Sunday, May 28, 2017

The votaries of Ikedaism are fools

"...even persons in the lowest category of ordinary mortals will enter the stage of Buddhahood within the space of a single lifetime and achieve perfect enlightenment." Nichiren Page 208, Volume II (Explaining the Causation of the Ten Worlds, written in 1260) 

What are you all waiting for? The end of your life? Are you not even as wise as "the lowest category of ordinary mortals"? How long will you have to chant and even if you vocalize the silent U or not, to realize you always have been a Buddha?"

"...even persons in the lowest category of ordinary mortals will enter the stage of Buddhahood within the space of a single lifetime and achieve perfect enlightenment." Nichiren Page 208, Volume II (Explaining the Causation of the Ten Worlds, written in 1260) 

Throw off your transient nature and reveal your true identity.

Anyone on this site can be a fool and claim this writing too is not the "authentic writing of Nichiren own hands" but it won't change the truth of its words." -- Tim Janakos SGI leader and Soka University graduate.

1). This writing is neither found in the Rokunai nor Rokugai collection of writings, so of course it is suspect. Even were it authentic, It is from Nichiren's early writings when he still embraced the principles of Tendai's [not to be confused with Tientai] Original Enlightenment doctrine. Also, Nichiren writes, "As for my teachings, regard those before my exile to the province of Sado as equivalent to the Buddha's pre-Lotus Sutra teachings."

2). Please point out to me who in SGI has attained Buddhahood and who in SGI is endowed with the ten honorific attributes of a Buddha

3). You still haven't addressed the issues of the Code of Conduct for SGI "Buddhas" and the need for Buddhas to receive guidance.

4). As for your other post, you state: "Your statement about letting the 'eternal buddha, Shakyamuni' into your heart, sounds a whole hell of a lot like Christianity, with a new mascot." Better a lion then a tapeworm [Ikeda] for a mascot but more to the point, you should take it up with Nichiren: 

"Yet it was not I, Nichiren, who made these three important pronouncements. Rather it was in all cases the spirit of the Thus Come One Shakyamuni that had entered into my body. And having personally experienced this, I am beside myself with joy." -- The Selection of the Time, one of Nichiren Daishonin's five major writings

Obviously, you have never experienced such joy or you wouldn't berate Shakyamuni Buddha as a mascot nor confuse the meager joy of letting Daisaku Ikeda [or Jesus] into your heart with the blissful joy of having Shakyamni Buddha enter your body. Shakyamuni Buddha needs no permission to enter into the mind and bodies of a votary of Lotus Sutra. This is proof that neither you nor your fellow SGI members are votaries of the Lotus Sutra. You are votaries of Ikedaism. You are fools.


  1. Tim Janakos sounds like Chas of arbn - on crack 🙀


  2. From Katie Higgins:

    >>""The Daishonin states in the Hoon Sho:

    "Yet it was not I, Nichiren who made these important pronouncements. Rather it was in all cases the spirit of Shakyamuni Buddha that had entered into my body. And at having personally experienced this I am beside myself with joy." (MW vol 3, Ibid, pg 171)

    In The Supremacy of the Law he states:

    "When I was about to be beheaded, the Lord Buddha Shakyamuni took my place." (MW vol 3, The Supremacy of the Law, pg 199).

    These passages are not inconsistent with the passage you posted. When we practice correctly, the Buddha enters into our mind. The Eternal Shakyamuni entered into the minds of the Great Saints and Sages of Buddhism such as Buddhamitra, Nagarjuna, Kumarujiva, Nan Yueh, Tientai, Chang-an, Miao-le, and Saicho in order to correctly expound the Lotus Sutra. The Daishonin states in the Kanjin Honzon Sho:

    "The Causal Practices and the Virtues of the Effect of Buddhahood of Lord Shakya are fully possesed in the Five characters "Myoho renge kyo." When we receive and keep these Five Characters, he spontaneously yields and cedes to us the merit of those causes and effects."(Kempon Hokke Seiten).<<"

    I am just beginning to understand the significance of "single mindedly desiring to see the Buddha"--as a mindset for my practice. I think I had a sense of the Buddha being central to Nichiren's approach to teaching the correct practice of the Lotus Sutra for this evil age, BUT I was not incorporating the Buddha in a literal sense until I encountered true followers of Nichiren here on Eagle Peak. I wonder if the process of peeling off the layers of Gakkai falsehoods is fundamentally about awakening to what Nichiren actually taught about the Buddha, because it is precisely this fundamental teaching that the Gakkai and Shoshu have stripped from their doctrines. In other words it is a challenge to develop the correct attitude toward that which was considered unnecessary--even taboo in the two elite orgs claiming widespread propagation---etc. etc.

    I have already had deeply profound experiences adopting the literal understanding of the Buddha's golden words in the Lotus Sutra re: Shakyamuni is always here in this Saha world-- and who sees him and how that happens-- (ALL details are in the Lotus Sutra- which Nichiren took literally ) . Also "seeing the Buddha" is the very REAL and joyful experience of the sense of the presence of the Buddha in ones own mind-- indeed in one's very life! BUT-- would that happen if one did not seek to "see the Buddha"? or had no "desire to SEE the Buddha? or thought he/she, themselves WAS already Buddha?

    I can only share openly about these new experiences with the few people I now know who also follow Nichiren and embrace his teachings on Shakyamuni Buddha-- but I will say with great confidence and abiding joy, that there is so much more to Nichiren's Lotus Sutra Buddhism -- always more to learn and experience -- For me, the deeper experiences began when I chanted correct daimoku and began to rejoice at having encountered Mark and Greg on Eagle Peak-- Opening my eyes to all that the SGI/NST have abandoned closed and even prohibited members from discovering about Nichiren and the Lotus Sutra. I pray that those reading here will arouse the desire to SEE the Buddha, and experience the boundless power and joy from Myoho-renge-kyo.

    Gassho- Mark, Greg and Shinkei !!!


    Gassho Katie