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Sunday, June 4, 2017

"Faith is the basis for entering the Buddha Way.”

Nichiren Shoshu priest: 

". . . the Mystic Law is so deep that ordinary people are unable to fathom it. As a result, the full meaning of the teaching can only be transferred through the Heritage of Successive High Priests." [Jiho Takahashi of Seiganzan Myoshinji Temple, Editorial, Myodo, Oct. 27]

Nichiren in The Opening of the Eyes: 

Great Concentration and Insight says: “If one lacks faith [in the Lotus Sutra], one will object that it pertains to the lofty realm of the sages, something far beyond the capacity of one’s own wisdom to comprehend. If one lacks wisdom, one will become puffed up with arrogance and will claim to be the equal of the Buddha.”

Nichiren, in the Hokke Daimoku Sho” (Treatise on the Recitation of the Title of the Lotus Sutra) :

“Question: If someone did not know the real meaning of the Lotus-Sutra and did not understand its import, but merely recited the words “Namu Myoho renge kyo” once a day or once a month or once a year or once in ten thousand years or once in a lifetime, without being tempted by evil deeds, great or small, would that person not only avoid the four evil realms but also achieve the stage which there is no return? 

Answer: He would.” 

Another passage from the same Gosho: 

“Question: Fire does not burn unless you touch it. Water does not quench thirst unless you drink it. How can recitation of the Daimoku, ‘Namu Myoho renge kyo’, without understanding exempt you from the evil destinies? 

Answer: If you pluck a lute string made from the sinews of a lion, all other strings are silenced. If you hear of the refreshing fruit of the plum, saliva moistens your mouth. These are mysteries of the world. How much more mysterious the Flower of the Law! The parrot which chirped the four noble truths was reborn in heaven. Those who remembered the Three Treasures escaped the whale. How much more miraculous is the Title of the Lotus Sutra, the essence of the eighty thousand holy teachings, the eye of all the buddhas! In the Lotus Sutra, where the Buddha dispenses with expedient devices, are the words: By faith you can enter. The Nehangyo, the last sutra preached in the grove of sala trees, says: 'Enlightenment has many causes but all are united in a faithful heart. 'Faith is the basis for entering the Buddha Way.”

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