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Sunday, June 4, 2017

How joyful!

Jerry, Mark, and Greg, excommunicated by the Kempon Hokke and in good company with Nikkyo the martyr and his followers.

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  1. i am proud to say that over the last 20 years i have been threatened with bodily harm 5 times either by long time cult members of sgi or a senior leaders. a couple of times over the internet and a couple of times in person. all of it due to speaking out for real buddhism and about the sgi's manipulation campaigns. after the "split" i spent a few years with the nichiren shoshu temple in los angeles.

    as with the sgi, i found the priests of nichiren shoshu to be shallow and mean spirited. more importantly, i found that neither the sgi or the shoshu were true to the teachings and in fact....were abusive to them. both experiences were unpleasant and regretful.

    later, i gave the kempon hokke a look. i was impressed by the founder nichiju because he was one of the few who insisted on listening to the teachings of nichiren. even though strict, i always liked the teachings according to nichiren.

    long story short...after being with the kempon for a year or two, i began to notice that our chief priest rev tsuchiya was promoting things that went against and contradicted nichiren. my suspicions grew.

    around the time the priest shinkei went to japan and saw first hand the truth of the kempon's faith and practice, i was on the kempons Facebook page. at the time people were asking questions relevant to tsuchiya's posts and nichiren teachings. nothing abusive...just some hard questions. later that day i returned to the page and i noticed that all of the questions and replays were missing. so, i asked tsuchiya why he had erased them and that i was hoping we could have a open and honest discussion about buddhism. his reply to me was that yes , he agreed and that we should and could have a open discussion. great ! all is well. i returned the next day to the same page to find that i could no longer post a question or statement. i had been fired. then a few days later i see tsuchiya posting untrue and slanderous things about mark, shinkei and a few others.

    long story short.... tsuchiya is a phony priest and he is a big liar as well as a slanderer of nichiren and nichirens teachings. through all these experiences i have learned what i needed to learn. most do not or cannot follow nichiren or the buddha.

    in japan, buddhism is just a business...a way to control people and make money. tsuchiya fits right in. i hope tsuchiya reads this and alan as well. namu myoho renge kyo !