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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

"How to they use the free money?" or "trash hidden a pretty box with a bow."

"You are a condescending brainwashed person.You are telling me that if I don't believe that chanting to a piece of paper and believe in the "power" of the [SGI] magic words namyohorenge kayo is because of my own ego. If I don't agree in your beliefs it is because of my own ego.Everybidy in SGI is brainwashed. The SHI is a cover-up for control and power. A leader who wants to convert the whole world to believe in him. Wants anyone who believes in God within to throw out their beliefs out the window because he is right. He claims to be an authority on everything. I know rabbis who are a million more times wise then your so called mentor. He is artificially humble [just used "love bombing"]. Like all of the leaders he has trained to lovebomb as well. Its all a facade for power and control. One day the world will see how dangerous this organization is. All the Germans thought Hitler was a good man in the beginning too. The SGI wants to suck the spirit out of you and turn you into a lifeless puppet. They have so so so much money that they get from using members and they don't even pay taxes. And how to they use the free money? Do they help feed the poor? Help the animals? Take care of the sick? No they use it to build bigger centers and pay people off in politics and do P.R. to spread their trash hidden a pretty box with a bow."

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