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Saturday, June 17, 2017

I just couldn’t stomach the M/D talk any longer

"In response to the first portion of your post – the SGI is regarded as a cult by the media. Take a look at the articles that Time and Forbes put out a few years ago. I recently said bye-bye to the org after almost choking on my own vomit at a district meeting. I just couldn’t stomach the M/D talk any longer. The district leader had told us that the Daimoku chanted with Sensei in our hearts was so much more powerful than just chanting. This comment forced me to swallow my own vomit. Someone made a reference to Lisa Jones. I always suspected that she was being harassed with a lawsuit into silence. The SGI is an absolutely vile organization. I am so very glad I left and I can’t understand how anyone exposed to the teachings of Shakyamuni and Nichiren (away from the SGI publications) can stay in the org unless they are either very arrogant and turned-on by the Ikeda love fest or very needy for authoritarian religion." -- Aaron

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