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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Ironically, Nichikan Shonin The Great Destroyer of Nichiren Buddhism wrote, "All righteousness will be proven". Point made

"If your Gohonzon is real, and ours is fake, then why do you treat yours with such indignity?" -- Craig Bratcher of the Nichiren Shoshu

Response: Do you mean like the indignity of the Nichiren Shoshu Soka Gakkai bestowing 560,000 Gohonzons to the faithless like free copies of the Village Voice, 525,000 of which were destroyed or forgotten in sock drawers? It is cause and effect. No power Gohonzons bestowed upon those with little faith end up in the garbage, in some old sock drawers, or ripped into little pieces and flushed down the toilet. This IS what happened to the Nichiren Shoshu/Soka Gakkai No-honzons which are neither endowed with the power of the Buddha nor the power of the Law. 

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