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Friday, June 23, 2017

Levi McLaughlin on the Soka Gakkai


  1. An interesting analysis but from more of a political point of view, which I believe hindered him to really see what was going on in the S.G.I.I believe slowly but surely they are turning the organisation into a political movement which they are introducing slowly. It struck me when he said that the generation that will not remember the second world war would die out and those after would not be so interested in keeping peace at all costs. They are not making a direct statement in this regard but encouraging the members to uphold a political party that is in the favour of Japan becoming militarised. It is obvious to me that the S.G.I will crumble as the years go by. Which was bound to happen because of the distortion and corruption of what Nichiren taught. We must not forget Nichiren did not have his own teachings, he was devoted to the Lotus sutra which was the teachings of the Buddha. So this was really the corruption of the Buddha's highest teachings that will invite retribution. Only the thoroughly brainwashed and those who will look at it as a family religion will stay and will only attend at weddings and funerals much the same as many religions today.