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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Online experience with the SGI cult

"When I was studying at a university in Japan, a professor’s wife decided to become friends with a number of students, including me.

She soon began to talk about her “Buddhist” religion and invited me to a prayer session. I agreed to go, though at the time was unaware that it was really a Soka Gakkai cult get-together. Over the next few months, I was reluctantly dragged to several of these meetings. Most of them involved the religious community getting together in a large hall to watch video recordings of their precious Daisaku Ikeda painting pictures or speaking, to which the attendees always reacted in admiration. It was almost like what you see in documentaries about North Korea–just complete adoration of an infallible leader.

The woman was so nice and blindly devoted to her religion that I didn’t want to hurt her feelings, but I eventually sent her a long email explaining that I wasn’t interested in joining the religion, that it clashed with my own Christian beliefs (though in reality I am not religious) and asked her politely to never take me to another Soka Gakkai event again. She apologized and said that she was never trying to get me to join the religion, and she promised not to take me to another event. We agreed to meet again for lunch some time soon to make up.

That “lunch” turned out to be another large Soka Gakkai event!!!! It was like she was completely blind to what she was doing. I gave up and just cut ties with her after that. (kojikib)"

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