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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Proof that Nichiren is the correct teacher of the Lotus Sutra

"Each of the proponents of the various schools I have mentioned above declares that he beyond all others has grasped the meaning of and is practicing the Lotus Sutra. But none of them have been exiled to the province of Izu as I was in the Kōchō era, or exiled to the island of Sado as I was in the Bun’ei era, or been led to the place of decapitation at Tatsunokuchi or faced the countless other difficulties that I have. If the sutra passages [that predict such difficulties] are true, then you should realize that I am the correct teacher, the good teacher, and that the scholars of the other schools are all erroneous teachers and evil teachers."Proof that Nichiren is the correct teacher

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  1. And proof that we are correct teachers of the Lotus Sutra in this age is that we point people to Nichiren. Secondarily, we too have been exiled and assailed by the Three Obstacles and Four Devils as promised by the Lotus Sutra and Nichiren.