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Thursday, June 1, 2017

"They made a real mess of things for us"

"Thus we in the west have learned the value of checks and balances against corruption of any sort, while in the East, the Buddha told us to rely on the Dharma or Law.

This was also Nichiren's innovation. Nichiren's own view would be easily harmonized with a truly bottom up democratic organization. He, like we in the west, distrusted oral transmissions. But the Fuji School wasn't comfortable with notions like follow the Dharma and so they made the High Priest/Daisaku Ikeda and Nichiren equal to the Dharma and that allowed them to continue relying on oral teachings in the face of our Founders teaching that we should follow the scriptures. They claimed a one way version of mentor/disciple that allowed them to make a real mess of things for us." -- Chris Holte

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