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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Greg Romero corrects Tim Janakos

"I am the Buddha from time without beginning" --  Tim Janakos-Kobayashi ["Energetic Emotional Healer"], SGI Senior Leader and graduate of Soka University of America

"healer, my question to you was what makes you think you are a buddha from time without beginning. i did not ask you about the potential to become a buddha. there is reality and then there is fantasy. tientai and nichiren concur that the true entity is one, but like everything else in this universe it has two potentials. they say; if the true entity encounters bad or evil influences, instead of manifesting enlightenment, it will instead manifest a deeper delusion. however, if it encounters good influences it will manifest enlightenment. here we are talking about the real world, not a fantasy or a potential to be realized someday. sgi turns its back on this passage and actually many more. nichiren, self-described, leader of the bodhisattvas of the earth and follower of the eternal shakyamuni said the good influences are namu myoho renge kyo (the essence of the lotus sutra), shakyamuni, and his teachings as well as those having the same mind as nichiren. the evil influences are those that go against or teach something other than what they taught. "rely on the law and not the person". both sgi and nst go completely against this. what made nichiren's enlightenment was who he followed (shakyamuni) and that he lived at the risk of his very life, believed in, and taught the lotus sutra 24/7. he didn't teach somebody else's version of the lotus sutra. nichiren says many times in his writings, "the correct teachings". as you may know, buddhism is faith, practice and study. not just any faith, correct faith. not just any practice, correct practice. not just any study, the study of real buddhism and not someone else's version. nichiren also says, "there is correct wisdom and there is perverse wisdom". correct wisdom is reality and is good , perverse wisdom is fantasy and is not good. nichiren taught; there is only one distinction in any persons daimoku. that distinction is whether one chants with correct faith or chants while cherishing something different in ones heart. this shows that it is not just the words but the faith. this is the nst and sgi which includes you as you seem to be attracted to them. today, both nst and sgi have turned their backs on what the lotus sutra and nichiren actually taught in favor of something else. most likely for profit and selfish gain. healer, what you have put forth is a potential that all life has, however, it takes a correct faith, practice and study to make it a reality. like many sgi, i'm sure you will pay no attention to what i say. those who won't listen to nichiren also won't listen to me. this i know. my hope for you is that you will leave the sgi, begin a real buddhist practice and enjoy the promise of the lotus sutra and nichiren. cheers." -- Greg Romero

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