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Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Lotus Sutra is perfect unlike Nichiren, you and I.

I figured from around 1995 that the internet was a way to reach the most people in this day and age and also to preserve the teachings for posterity. I think I will now continue on no matter what. I have not always in the past but now, this life of mine means not that much to me and the best thing to do with this worthless life is to spread the teachings as I believe Nichiren taught them, for the sake of the f--d up world. Too much suffering and tears, children, people, and animals dying caused by science, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, provisional Buddhism, communism, capitalism, Ikedaism, Nichirenism.... Only the Lotus Sutra is really beautiful in its practice and vision without one exhortation to kill. That is very important. Even Nichiren made several exortations to kill but not the Lotus Sutra. Nichiren knew that only the Lotus Sutra was perfect. That is why he was the perfect teacher because he pointed people to the Lotus Sutra above all else, even himself, and he was the True Votary flawed though he was. Shakyamuni Buddha too was flawed. He taught the provisional teachings for forty years. The Lotus Sutra is perfect unlike Nichiren, you and I.

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