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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Giving up the treasure of Buddhahood for the trinkets of Taisekaji.

"The Minobu sect does not receive benefit from Gohonzons inscribed by Nichiren."--Greg Martin

SGI leaders make such statements without providing a single passage of proof from the Lotus Sutra or Gosho while we proved that the Nichikan Gohonzon is a false Object of Devotion utilizing both the Lotus Sutra and Gosho.

Letter to the Brothers states:

"Sixty-eight million believers in the Latter Day of Daishogon Buddha, were deceived by Priest Kugan and three other priests, so that they denounced Priest Fuji. As a result, they fell into the same hell for as many aeons as there are particles of dust on earth." (MW Vol. 1, p.137)

In the case of the SGI, the members were deceived by Nichikan and the successive presidents of the SGI. Like a child who is manipulated by an evil man to give up her treasure for an ice cream cone or the Indians who gave up Manhattan for a few trinkets, the SGI members were deceived into giving up their treasure of Buddhahood for the trinkets of Taisekaji.

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