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Sunday, August 27, 2017

In good company with the martyr Nikkyo.

Shinkei was defrocked several months after his ordination for rebuking the Kempon Hokke for various slanders. Likewise, Greg, Fred, and I were excommunicated. We are in good company with the martyr Nikkyo.


  1. Nikkyo and his disciples were thrown out of the Kempon Hokke for practicing strict shakubuku in 1635 shortly after he had his nose and ears cut off and two of his young disciples were executed [before his debate with Nembutsu priests]. He was "rehabilitated" [welcomed back into the Kempon Hokke after 150 years.

    1. tomorrow i will tell about what a phony and great liar reverend tsuchiya is. i hope he reads its so he can see his ugly face in his tarnished mirror.

    2. i call the so called reverend tsushima out as a phony nichiren priest and a liar and a coward.

      around five years ago, the kempon sect was on the move, gaining some new members and looking as the only sect that was in step with the leader of the Bodisattvas of the earth, nichiren.

      for those that do not know...the kempon hokke has its beginnings some 150 years after the death of nichiren founded by a priest to be know as nichiju.

      whoops got to go will finish this soon.