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Thursday, August 31, 2017

SGI Area [cult] Leader Ric Dexter wrote in the Dallas Morning News faith blog

SGI Area Leader Ric Dexter writing in the Dallas Morning News faith blog, "When we blame this evil on (pick your own boogeyman, call him “the other”) we do nothing to weaken its influence. Nichiren taught that to destroy evil in our society we must first destroy it within ourselves."

Yet, what do we see in the Soka Gakkai, SGI still conducting prayer vigils for the demise of rival sects. David Johnson long time SGI member comments.

"Hello all;

I am writing to tell you this so-called SOKA JUSTICE VICTORY DAIMOKU SESSION is a bunch of crap...I just got a first hand description that the purpose of this session is to either ensure the failure of the DC NST Temple opening or PREVENT IT ALL TOGETHER....But the leaders won't say so in print...they did say so  at last Saturday's meeting at Setsuko's... Jim King) What are we  to chant for? That the building blows up?

This insanity is an effort by some leaders based on the irrational belief that NST is a threat to the Gakkai... IT IS NOT! The real danger is the SGI continuing to support the lies and myths of Nichien Shoshu...especially the disproven myth of the so-called 'Dai-Gohonzon of 1279...the "ultimate" object of devotion. Complete nonsense! Every time we pray to the so-called 'Dai-Gohonzon" in our silent prayers we re-affirm our acceptance of Taisekiji mytholgy!

I gave up all that crap years ago...and if our YOUTH does not learn this truth, then they are being betrayed by their own leaders..

Nichiren Shoshu is a religion of excrement...everything they taught us is BULLSHIT!

They are going nowhere...and are no threat to us....except that part of out organization that refuses to reject the lies and myths of NST!

I am profoundly offended that the still conducting Daimoku campaigns for the failure of our former rival sect!

"Nam Myoho Renge Kyo" means 'I revere the buddha nature of all living beings". Nichiren wrote; "were they not bodhisattvas, they could not chant the daimoku."

I despise the religion of Nichiren Shoshu...but i chant for the enlightenment of all their members.

How are we expected to chant that their temple will not re-open...that it should burn down again?

If THIS is Nichiren Buddhism, then I'm confused...and tired. Dave Baldhun told me this baloney was all in the past...and yet here it goes again...

I encourage all members NOT to participate in this ludicrous farce. I en- courage all members to discover and DISCARD every element of Nichiren Shoshu still embedded in their brains. EVERY ELEMENT!

The fact is that the entire leadership of the SGI is fully aware that the re- ligion of Nichiren based on the wooden inscription of baloney...but they privately insist that it will take years to dispell this aspect of the faith of the SGI pioneers.

They are lying to us...straight up!

So, go ahead and pray for the demise of IS a false religion. But don't allow our own leaders to soft-serve you their version of Nichiren Shoshu lite!

No matter how much sugar you put on it, a turd is still a turd!

I stand for the reform of the SGI...I dedicate my life to the SGI...I reject our six decade poisoning by the false teachings of Nichiren Shoshu!

It must stop NOW!

Forward my message to your leaders...ask for dialogue...demand dialogue based on truth and fact.

This is all I can do to protect the organization of kozen-rufu- the SGI. I know this message will not be popular but it must be heard!"

David Johnson

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