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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

SGI mentor in the seat of the Law is not even expedient means. It is just plain lying.

"All forms of Buddhist philosophy are Great in and of themselves. It is, in the course of seeking to benefit the world with one's calling and when one has to navigate through the numerous layers of consciousness within the many mind worlds of sentient beings that the relativity of the various teachings become apparent and one has to employ the principles of expedient means. This has been the case and the issues all throughout the history of Buddhism. It is also the same issue in todays world as well." -- SGI Senior Leader Eric Toro

In this Latter Day, expedient means are abandoned for a direct exposition of the Law of Namu Myoho renge kyo. SGI mentor in the seat of the Law, for example, is not even expedient means. It is just plain lying.


  1. ... and just plain slick marketing for a populist -heretical teaching !

    ~ Katie

  2. both tentai and the teacher for the latter age, nichiren CONCUR.....turning the real lotus sutra teachings on its head will not lead to enlightenment but only to a deeper delusion..= hence, ikeda and the sgi/nst, hence, what we see in the world is the obvious slander of the buddhas law. knowing this only deepens ones faith in the buddha, the law and in the sangha(nichiren). time for the idiots to wake up !

  3. toro, like so many fake buddhists is a fool !