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Monday, January 1, 2018

Nuclear war fatalities and injuries by location


  1. There are those who lived by Chernobyl. The lady whose sweet beautiful.daughter is so developmentally delayed, she is 5 grades back in school.  The Russian  Doctor, who got sick from a Nuclear submarine ecplosion in Russia. She has had cancer twice. She was 48, when I met her. She has constant menstual bleeding. I have talked to both people When they talk about the cancers, and chronic illness, they have been through, their eye become like oysters. 

    There are those who have grown up in cancer Clusters like Fallon, Nevada and St. George, Utah.  They have seen their loved ones live,suffer horribly, and die.  Children too. The thought of the suffering of the children. It makes my guts tighten. It gives me pain in the pit of my stomach. 
    The chemotherapy lights every blood veseel, muscle and organ in your body on fire! 
    The crushing 105 degree fevers. 
    Losing your hair. Seeing childrens bones distort in their faces. Seeing bones in their faces dissolve from bone cancers. Seeing their face structures change from surgery.  Skin mottled and gray,  from ravenous tumor growth.  From chemotherapy. 
    The unnatural-premature deaths of their neighbors and their children. The chronic-debilitating illnesses, of so many towns people. The chidren with cerebral palsey moaning in pain, on the floor with, helmets on. It is right there in-your-face. The previously 225 pound neigjbor, who now weighs 110 pounds  he now has  sunken eyes. He is a ghost of his former self. 
    The lonely people who have lost so many loved ones. The pain, the agony, the emotional tolls. Those of us who.have experoence it, have well-formed ideas of what is going on in small towns, around Fukushima. In neighborhoods around Tokyo, and Yokohama. Especially those of us who have contacts there. We are not afraid to ask questions

    We will never back down from the fight!

    Then there are those that treat this utterly suppressed holocaust like a sensational attention grabber or a perfect vehicle for their sordid and evil political manipulations.

    1. "Then there are those that treat this utterly suppressed holocaust like a sensational attention grabber or a perfect vehicle for their sordid and evil political manipulations."

      To be more specific, I call attention to the "Dotard", Trump and "Little Rocket Man", Kim Jong Un who are currently enjoying playing nuclear -chicken. Both will be watching the "fire and fury" from their underground bunkers; neither has any skin in the sick game they are playing.

      There is only one fight, in my estimation, that is worth engaging in at this juncture; propagating the Lotus Sutra as Nichiren taught and lived.

      I encourage following Nichiren's advice to his disciple, Yasaburo, who was preparing for religious debate: "pray intently that Shakyamuni Buddha... enter your body and assist you".

      This threefold world is ALL Shakyamuni's domain. There is but one vehicle that offers protection to all living beings, Namu-myoho-renge-kyo.


    2. part of that protection is "RIGHT THOUGHT'..... the cowardly and ignorant like ikeda and his frolicking dummies prefer lies over truth and nonsense over wisdom. HENCE TRUMP AND HIS MERRY CULT. won't those idiots feel embarrassed with deep regret when they finally open their eyes to the truth that the medicine for the ills of the modern day has always been here?

      a true alcoholic only begins to change their attachment to poison when they hit rock bottom. so it will be with those that turn their backs on the buddha, the law and the teacher for the latter day...nichiren. NAMU MYOHO RENGE KYO !!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing Mike, Katie and Greg.