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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Be careful what you wish for

Throw out Trump and we get the thousand times worse Christian fanatic Mike Pence.


"From what I can gather, the Soka Gakkai is standing up against authoritarian religion. To accomplish that, they must place strict limits on their member's freedoms of speech, association, assembly, publishing, and so on." -- R. Beck

Irony and karma

The Wadas and Hojos are the Japanese Borgias and Medicis and Ikeda is the Japanese Pope. It is ironic and due to karma that SGI's center in Florence Italy is the most beautiful Villa the Medici's ever built. Ikeda and his dukes act contrary to the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha and Nichiren Daishonin who never advocated acquisitions. This is similar to the Medici's practices which ran counter to the teachings of Jesus and St. Francis.

My (Mark R. Rogow's) experience with the Soka Gakkai

I thought nothing about doing all sorts of non-Buddhist activities as a YMD member and leader. I wanted to attain Buddhahood and I was willing to do whatever my seniors said I needed to do: Stand from 2 - 4 am guarding a metal plaque of Toda in the middle of nowhere; directing traffic in freezing rain for hours even though there were so many signs a blind man could have found the parking lot; guarding a doorway for hours where not one person entered or left; cleaning community center toilets until they shined; endless marching; trying to memorize To My Young American Friends; meetings nearly every night and on the weekends for weeks and months on end; driving a large truck with manual transmission, all over Manhattan even though I had never driven a manual transmission; wearing white T-shirts and white pants and running around union square park every Saturday for nearly a year, sometimes with those white Japanese beanie hats and taking the subway there looking like an idiot; chanting to pictures of Daisaku Ikeda; doing street shakabuku in the worst neighborhoods in the South Bronx and making home visits to tenements; missing work and school for the sake of activities; strained family relations because they wouldn't chant or couldn't see how enlightened I was from doing all these activities or them criticizing Ikeda; trying to sleep in warehouses, either on the floor, a bench, or on a thin mat and with the lights on for many days on end; practically begging people to get the Gohonzon, paying for them to get one, shaming them into getting one, breaking off relationships because they wouldn't get one; giving my last dollar to attend retreats and having to eat spaghetti and butter and canned peas and ketchup for weeks and grubbing cigarettes because I had no money left; severe lack of sleep while doing strenuous labor, marching, and running for days on end. 

The problem was, I didn't study the Lotus Sutra and all the writings of Nichiren Daishonin. I followed persons rather than the Law. Nichiren taught that the only requirement for a lay practitioner is to chant Namu Myo ho renge kyo, support the priests who do shakabuku [forceful conversions] and tell other to chant Namu Myoho renge kyo according to one's strength. In other words, a simple straightforward faith and practice. SGI doesn't want you to study in depth because then, you would question almost everything about the Soka Gakkai faith and practice. That is why their study materials always are carefully structured into pre-prep lectures and the like, and they study the same things year after year. One would think that the entirety of Nichiren Daishonin's teachings is found in the Heritage of the Ultimate Law of Life and the "oneness of mentor and disciple." Every week for several years we studied this writing in the light of Ikeda's teaching on the oneness of mentor and disciple. They lie that you only need to learn one concept of the Gosho to understand all there is about Buddhism. They take the phrase from the writings, "To practice and ponder one phrase" which refers to Namu Myoho renge kyo and shoehorn it to mean that any phrase Ikeda picks out from the writings is enough to understand the entirety of Buddhism. Suffice it to say I am extremely joyful to have found an authentic sangha in which to practice with other like minded individuals who try and have the same faith and practice as Nichiren Daishonin.

SGI insults our intelligence

"I just came across an experience in the 10/23/09 issue of the World Tribune that is so ridiculous that I have to post about it. It's by a woman in California talking about how she and her daughter, named Destiny, overcame their problems through chanting and reading Ikeda's guidance. Towards the end of the article it reads:" 

"I wish that I could hug President Ikeda and thank him for the difficulties he endured so that people like me can transform their lives and find happiness amid darkness. Destiny, now 4, chants with me every morning and evening, and asks to attend meetings every day. She has me start out the morning by reading out loud her favorite piece of President Ikeda's guidance. She asked me to frame it and put it on the wall next to our altar, which I did. He writes: 'Prayer is the courage to persevere. It is the struggle to overcome our own weakness and lack of confidence in ourselves. It is the act of impressing in the very depths of our being the conviction that we can change the situation without fail. Prayer is the way to destroy all fear. It is the way to banish sorrow, the way to light a torch of hope. It is the revolution that rewrites the scenario of our destiny.'" 

Did you catch that her daughter is 4 years old? Four! Asking me to believe that your four-year-old wants to go to an SGI meeting every day is one thing, but asking me to believe that she even remotely understands that bit of guidance is insulting to my intelligence." -- SGBye

Monday, February 26, 2018

"Clothilde Hewlitt is on the SGI Board of Directors because of her Enlightenment and superior wisdom" - top SGI-USA senior leader

"Clothilde Hewlett is an Attorney and partner of Nossaman, LLP, with a focus on assisting private sector companies and tax-exempt organizations. She was previously a partner at Kirkpatrick & Lockhart Preston Gates Elllis, LLP. Prior to joining K&L/Gates, she served as the California undersecretary of state and consumer services agency and interim director of the department of general services."

SGI paranoia runs deep

"I have seen numerous examples of people discarding the path of mentor and disciple and instead taking the most deplorable course of betraying their mentor and fellow members. They have invariably wound up spiritually bankrupt and in pitiful circumstances." -- Daisaku Ikeda 

"This is the very kind of situation to which my mentor, second Soka Gakkai president Josei Toda, was referring when he said, "It may appear that our enemies are outside, but the most insidious enemies are within." Therefore, we must take a firm stand against those who seek to spread poison inside the organization. If left unchallenged, their noxious influence will pervade the entire organization and end up destroying everyone's pure faith. That is why it is imperative that we remain vigilant against those who would betray the teachings of our mentors." -- Daisaku Ikeda 

Daisaku Ikeda is confused about the teachings of the Lotus Sutra. Taking SGI's teachings to their logical conclusion, I can see why SGI leaders are so paranoid. They are wary of their own members and their non-Buddhist guidance system lacks privacy. With everyone spying and telling on each other, it is not unlike the practice of the Nazi youth corps. For example, "John Public has been teaching that one doesn't require Sensei for their mentor." or "Debbie Smith has a Shakyamuni Buddha statue on her altar." or "Timmy Lacosta has exchanged his Nichikan Gohonzon for a Nichiren Gohonzon but he is still leading Gongyo as the Chapter Chief." What a way to live! What a way to practice "Buddhism."

SGI doublespeak: "When you lose you actually win"

The following is a summary of the October 2013 SGI USA national leader's meeting: 

"When You Lose You Actually Win." 



Tariq Hassan: 

We just got back from Japan receiving guidance and meeting Sensei. Though it was a hard time with the loss of the LDP and Komeito, Sensei was in high spirits. He gave us tremendous guidance, "When you lose you actually win!". So very important, the unity of mentor and disciple as we walk along side our mentor. Sensei said to his Japanese leaders, "please learn from America the spirit of oneness of mentor and disciple". We met Hiromasa Ikeda and Vice President Hasagawa who said: "facing times of change, how much greater the mission of America. With ever deeper faith in the oneness of mentor and disciple we will protect sensei." Again, as disciples of President Ikeda let us joyfully advance. We make the mentor proud when we unite wholeheartedly with him. With the Mentor we will always win (does that mean lose? HA HA). Sensei's guidance was on the importance of statistics and statistics department. I am the head of the statistics department though I didn't volunteer for this job (joke). There will be monthly statistics meetings for the districts. New form to remove someone from the SGI statistics roll. I will be happy to assist the SGI in doing statistics. In Japan, it takes six months before someone is removed from statistical rolls, signature of district and chapter chief required. 

Linda Johnson: 

Chant to live up to the mentor. Learn from President Ikeda. He gets this Buddhism. He has never lost (then he has never won?? HA HA sorry to interrupt). Linda J. continues, To manifest your capacity...vital to study Sensei. Send out only Sensei's encouragment on the internet not your own. Lets learn from the best. Home visit every member. It is the time to teach them about Sensei and how to win (which is really losing???). "Bless her" (Kitty Shapiro who helped her when she was a new member) hallelujah. Chant to let me win. (shouldn't she have said, chant to let me lose which is actually to win?). Then she spoke about the attitude one should have when we chant. Maybe she mentioned the Gohonzon one or two times. Determine that your members will win today. Challenge ourselves to care about the members winning. Never leave a home visit without impressing on that person the oneness of mentor of disciple. This is the eternal formula we must get and teach. To insure through our care that every single member always tap unlimited potential and win we must practice with the spirit of mentor and disciple. Change our lives, the lives of our family, and this country. 

Next young mens's division leader Nathan (Abraham Lincoln) Gauer: 

Who will uphold Sensei's legacy? 50th anniversary of his visit to America in July. Culture festivals. Sensei determined to spend the remaining part of his life in America, the country he loves best. Culture Festival for Sensei. REALLY REALLY GREAT (Must be spending too much time with Danny Nagashima.) Real short speech. 

Vanissa Shaw national YWD leader, Crest toothpaste girl, actress, and Ikeda disciple extroadinaire: 

ARE YOU READY TO ROCK THE ERA. ROCK THE ERA MEETINGS AND FESTIVALS IN JULY. AMERICA CAPITAL OF MENTOR AND DISCIPLE. "Entire focus, the mentor". duh. As Sensei has said always sing a gakkai song during our Rock The Era meetings. Sensei we will create the capital of mentor disciple. 

Keith Beeber student division leader: National direction... shakabuku on college campuses. Since July, 15 universities 200 guests and 35 shakabuku. Carry on the spirit of the oneness of mentor and disciple based on the mentors guidance form student groups. Bring joy to Sensei by warmly embracing our leaders. 

Danny Nagashima shouting as usual: 

HELLO EVERYONE ARE YOU HAPPY? THANK YOU THANK YOU VERY MUCH. We did 1984 shakabuku in the month of august, the most in twenty years. We have been waiting for this moment for twenty years. (somewhat surprisingly, muted cheering and clapping). The time has come. We have to create AMERICA WITH YOUTH DIVISION. I'M THIRTY YEARS OLD. EVERYONE IS YOUTH DIVISION. AS LONG AS WE SEEK SENSEI WE CAN REMAIN YOUNG. THE KEY TO VICTORY IS STATISTICS. 70 % increase in membership (I have a bridge to sell you). As a disciple of Daisaku Ikeda,the oneness of mentor and disciple IS THE KEY. We will make exhibits of mentor and disciple. Fifty years since Sensie's first visit to United States. We are experiencing in America, the great character of Daisaku Ikeda, we are fusing with him. Something genuine is the oneness of mentor and disciple. What is the Genuine meaning of oneness of mentor and disciple? SEEKING SENSEI (Im getting a freaking migraine). Genuine disciple of sensei is never defeated. Ever victorious. Always winning. KANSAI NEVER LOST SINCE 1957. With your bond with sensei you will be ever victorius, EVER VICTORIOUS WITH SENSEI (flailing his arms and coming back to his chest), with sensei. SCREAMING AGAIN. YOU BODHISATTVAS TO CREATE EVER VICTORIOUS AMERICA. HOW MUCH CAN WE CREATE THIS KANSAI. KANSAI NEVER LOST SINCE 1957. Orlando Cepeda joke and then 7 points of victory for Kansai. Oneness of mentor and disciple, repeating it again several times. SHOUTING AGAIN: READING GOSHO AND SENSEI'S GUIDANCE; UNITY; FIGHT AGAINST INJUSTICE; LIGHTENING SPEED IN COMMUNICATIONS AND GUIDANCE; ACTION ACTION ACTION; ALWAYS WIN (which means lose?); Last one I didn't get(BECOME A LION?) BASED ON ONENESS OF MENTOR AND DISCIPLE. 

Platitudes upon platitudes. 

6 mentions of Nichiren Daishonin. > 100 mentions of Ikeda. No mention of Shakyamuni. One or, at most, two mentions of the Gohonzon, No mention of the Lotus Sutra. 

Are they winning? That must mean losing HA HA. 

Protect Sensei? The guy's already got dozens of body guards who will take a bullet for his old self but they want you to protect him all the way from New Jersey. 

On October 13, 1282, surrounded by his disciples and followers, and reciting with them the "Stanzas of Eternity" (Ji Ga Ge) from the 16th Chapter of the Lotus Sutra, Nichiren expired at the age of sixty one. The cherry trees bloomed out of season and the earth quaked. Our tears flow unceasingly. "When You Lose You Actually Win." or  HOW FORTUNATE I AM TO HAVE A MENTOR LIKE THIS. 

Sunday, February 25, 2018

SGI is a medium small nation with the assets of a medum large country

It is hard to find accurate up to date information on the SGI cult because of their money, influence, and high level diplomacy. They, to a large extent, control the media, the sociologists, and to some extent, even entire governments. They succeed in deleting many videos and articles critical of SGI. SGI is a medium small country with the assets of a medium large country and they have a strong, dedicated, and efficient bureaucracy. I fear that we will remain in the dark until some high level Soka leaders come forward with the details, internal workings, discussions, and memos of the organization. Mr. Yano, hopefully, will soon publish his personal notes that were ordered returned to him by the Japanese courts. Possibly too, we will gain some insight when they throw out another safe containing internal memos.* The things they can't keep under wraps is the reality of their religious doctrines, religious activities, and their worship of Ikeda.

The Scientology and Soka Gakkai cults

"Davis (current spokesman for Scientology) was quickly returned to the fold and sent to the church’s offices in Clearwater, Florida, where he was required to clean toilets with a toothbrush for a week." 

As Gajokai (Toban), we were required to clean the toilets in the community centers and it was a great honor to be able to clean the toilet in Ikeda's personal apartment, even though he never stayed there. The Gakkai is much more enlightened than the Scientologists. The Gakkai lets you use toilet brushes and not tooth brushes. It really wasn't so bad cleaning Ikeda's toilet, nobody ever used it. Maybe that is why it was such an honor. It was such a relief that we didn't have to clean the public toilets [usually]. Thank you Sensei.

Horrible experiences

"One girl I knew, who was a good person, got lured into SGI, and was really into it. She ended up getting sick, and refused a lot of early medical treatment, as she thought she could get healed by Chanting. Didn't work, she got worse and worse. Then she finally got into medical treatments, too late, and literally had hundreds of people Chanting for her to heal. She died, and left behind her kids. They don't tell those anecdotes, those who have hundreds of SGI followers Chanting for them, and die a pretty horrible death in a few months." 

Well that has been the way of things for years! - and when things go wrong and people lose out, lose their lives, livelihoods, homes and even their sanity that ain't going to get reported cos anything that might make it appear that SGI bubble of faith and Daimoku to gain anything, to have any prayer answered, and to have all earthly desires fulfilled... might burst, well that might have people thinking and questioning and leaving in droves. I recall Dick Causton saying that folks should remember that all prayers will be answered and that the answer will sometimes be NO! It's funny how common sense goes out the window when folks are told to chant and seem to end up in the world of rapture and can't see anything other than Fluffy Bunny Buddhism, forgetting that In Rapture the bubble bursts ever so quickly and can drop you on your ass! 

I have seen exactly this pattern of denial of ill health and subsequent death with loads of folks chanting for a miracle many times! It's like the SGI Italy members setting up Gohonzons next to TV sets so that they could chant and watch the soccer world cup final in 1994 and chant for Roberto Baggio to score the winning goal for Italy and QED prove that Nichiren Buddhism had some form on Mystical Power over the result. Some may recall that the final went to a penalty shoot out and Italy Lost with Baggio missing his penalty and loosing Italy the world Cup! In Italy I also saw Benefit Junkies organizing Daimoku Tozos to chant to have a miracle when some one was found to be in end stage cancer after they had refused to consult doctors and just sat home chanting. The mass search for Benefits was staggering with literally tens of thousands of folks in concerted tozos all demanding proof from someone who had already set up their own death.... and after they died many being very callous and stating that they died because they lacked faith and in any case all that daimoku was going to be of great benefit and they were just waiting for their personal payout in the shares and from their investment in Daimoku Inc! 

It's sad that supposed leaders (in reality folks who have been told that they are "Leaders" with no quality control and then make it up as they go along ) go about telling folks that they just need to chant whilst their leg is half cut off and they are bleeding to death. Some will find such actions and ideas impossible to accept as occurring within SGI but to those who have seen them they are unforgettable. Even leaders have not been immune from such aberrant attitudes and behaviors and as a result have died - with some referring to it as Suicide by Daimoku! 

I recall one set of events where some leaders (who I repeatedly referred to as "Persons With A Responsibility - Formally referred to as Leaders") went well beyond the limits and caused havoc for a number of people. A New Member showed Up who was quite a wealthy Business Woman - She had a number of businesses some of which she wanted to sell. This Woman started to hawk these businesses about to SGI members and the local leadership first allowed it and then encouraged it. Certain members who were having major personal problems with everything from marriage to debt were encouraged to buy businesses from her, which some foolishly did. Anyone who spoke out about this was immediately labelled as a breaker of unity and totally against Nichiren and the SGI. 

Folks went out and borrowed money, put their houses up as collateral and bought into the Leaders ongoing views that all that had to be done was chant more and more and evidently as this woman was selling businesses to SGI members whilst she herself was becoming a member the whole thing was perfect and universally ordained. 

One family asked me for advice about buying a Food Outlet - It appeared to me a gold mine as it was within about 100 metres of a new shopping complex that was under construction. The Only Down side was it was on the wrong side of the road, a very busy road and there were vacant shop units better placed to provide the service on the other side of the road. The family was advised to get a commercial lawyer to draft a full contract including clauses that prevented the woman from starting a similar business within 1000 meters of the original business for 5 years, that full disclosure of accounts were to be made and that specific contracts as to the building, it's contents, and maintenance would also be made as the woman was selling the business but retaining ownership of the building. All of the advice was ignored and they just went ahead and bought the business, lease on the building, and started to sell food as hard as possible. When they were asked why they had not undertaken the most basic of actions and set up the most basic of protections for a commercial venture they explained that when they had raised these issues with leaders they had been told that such actions would simply show that they lacked faith and they were better off chanting and having faith than consulting a lawyer or spending time and money on legally enforceable contracts. 

A few weeks after they were tied in with their house on the line the woman opened a new food outlet across the road and the customer numbers dropped to virtually Zero. They objected and were told there was nothing they could do.. and then they went bankrupt and lost the business, their home and just about everything they had. Throughout, the leaders were 100% supporting this woman in disposing of business to SGI members and of the members buying these businesses and yet these leaders had zero knowledge or experience in commercial trading, contracts and business management. When this was raised as an issue that should bar them from being involved in any way with anyone who was entering into a business situation they responded that they did not need anything other than Daimoku and Faith. They were also a little pissed off when they were asked to explain why they had not taken up one of these business opportunities if all that was required was Daimoku and Faith and they were unable to answer. 

I also recall working on an exhibition in Italy between SGI and The Italian Committee for Refugees. The Exhibition dealt with Yugoslavia and the breakup and Genocide. I had been asked to design and build the exhibition so that it could tour Italy. The First place on the tour was Venice and the transport co-ordinator could not understand that we were obliged to hire a boat to transport the exhibition from mainland Italy to then venue in the heart of Venice. Their view was that all of the parts of the exhibition, some over two metres long and very heavy would be carried on foot across a causeway and through Venice and this was great opportunity for members to be involved in activities. When it was pointed out that first it was illegal to do this, second dangerous to have literally hundreds of people handling unfamiliar equipment and that it was also highly likely that the exhibition itself would be damaged - well that was met with incredulity at the idea that hundreds of SGI members chanting and holding Tozos for the exhibition would not protect it and even not be needed or welcome. It was odd that they just could not get it that legally it was not possible and that it had to be done in line with the law of the land. Oddly when the leader of this aberration was questioned as to whether they had car insurance or if they just chanted to not need it they were shocked and stated of course I have car insurance - That's the law! It would seem that when folks decide that they are to do something so that they can get their quota of benefits they hate having it pointed out to them that they can't just ignore reality and hope for the best! 

That so much odd behavior makes it appear that SGI is a Cult - or at best filled with individuals who seem programmed to exhibit cult Like behavior - one has to wonder why SGI in all it's forms does not advise against such aberration and even protect people from it internally! 

For some they will simply invent Nichiren Buddhism in their own image, to service their own needs and to fill massive gaps that exist in their own minds and lives. What I have seen when this occurs is evil. Having reported the situations and what is occurring to national leaders/employees of SGI, I was not too surprised that the aberrations verging on mental instability are supported Anyone questioning one with the title of leader is seen as evil and shunned! It would seem that SGI is an organization that is programmed to self destruct under the mental aberrations of its employees and top leaders. It would also seem that their dogma will eventually be run over by their karma and one has to wonder how they will react when this happens - will they seek first aid and medical attention or simply lie on their backs and chant as they discorporate." -- Robert

Avici Hell is populated by SGI and Nichiren Shoshu, leaders, priests, and members

Hitler, for example, was a master at giving the people what they wanted and then leaving them prostrate on the ground. He gave them the Autobahn, parades, camaraderie, hope for the future, and then hell. There are eight Great Hells in Buddhism. The worst is the Avici Hell which is reserved for those who slander the Law.

Where goes your donations

            SGI Gajokai ["Teeth of the Castle"]

The bathroom fixtures in Ikeda's personal community center apartment, in the old New York Community Center, were golden, very shiny like his life condition. The carpets were incredibly plush like the floor of Nichiren Daishonin's hut, two inches thick. Of course, the furniture was the finest most comfortable money could buy and nobody used them. This is where your donation money goes. Certainly it doesn't go to the non-salaried Gajokai.

The golden instruction of Shakyamuni Buddha

"To speak slanderously of the sutras preached in the past, the present, and the future, and to praise one sutra, the Lotus, is the golden instruction of Shakyamuni Buddha, and is what all the other Buddhas have expressed in agreement." - Nichiren

Thanks to Prime Minister Renzi's embrace of Soka Gakkai, calamities in Italy abound

How did you predict the South Carolina "once in a millenium disaster"

"The host said: Though I may be a person of little ability, I have reverently given myself to the study of the Mahayana. A blue fly, if it clings to the tail of a thoroughbred horse, can travel ten thousand miles, and the green ivy that twines around the tall pine can grow to a thousand feet. I was born as the son of the one Buddha, Shakyamuni, and I serve the king of scriptures, the Lotus Sutra. How could I observe the decline of the Buddhist Law and not be filled with emotions of pity and distress?" -- Nichiren's On Establishing the Correct Teaching for the Peace of the Land

Why there is no Supreme and Perfect Enlightenment in the Soka Gakkai

The SGI cult manufactures its history to suit its own narrative and it's narrative, doctrines, and practice has changed several times. The truth is always spun in the SGI cult. They fail to believe in the Lotus Sutra which teaches the principle of thusness [or suchness]. It is useless to rely on the teachings of such people for benefit, let alone for Supreme and Perfect Enlightenment. The Lotus Sutra document has not changed for 2000 years. The theoretical foundation of the Lotus Sutra has not changed for 1500 years thanks to Tientai the Great; and the practice of the Lotus Sutra has not changed for more than 750 years thanks to Nichiren. But in one fell swoop, the Soka Gakkai changed the very doctrines and practice of the Lotus Sutra.The ruined the perfect recipe for Supreme and Perfect Enlightenment.


Would Nichiren Daishonin be asked to speak at the Ikeda Center for Peace, Learning, and Dialogue?

On the clam brained non-salaried gaijin SGI senior leaders

What they do is actually a type of MLM whose product is "peace", [Japanese] "CULTure", and "education" in order to enrich Ikeda and his top leaders. They are as phony as a counterfeit North Korean hundred dollar bill. But their clam brained non-salaried and low paid gaijin senior leaders are too dumb or brainwashed to see things as they really are.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Those with weak faith remain in the Soka Gakkai

Question: Is it easy or difficult to leave the Soka Gakkai?
Answer: That depends: General member, leader, amount of time in the organization; correct, incorrect, or no faith in the Lotus Sutra, the Gohonzon, the doctrines of Soka Gakkai, the doctrines of Nichiren, etc; strong or weak SGI practice; friends in and out of the organization; relationship with leaders; mood; state of mind; family in or out of the organization; interests outside of the organization; studied or not; obstacles or perceived punishment; value placed on honesty; hopes and desires...

On this last point. Suppose you desire a copy of a Nichiren inscribed Gohonzon. if your desire was strong, you have absolutely no choice but to leave the organization since copies of Nichiren inscribed Gohonzons are verboten. Depending on the strength of your desire [to practice as the Daishonin taught] it can be easy or difficult to leave the organization. Where there is no faith in the Lotus Sutra, it is easy to leave. Where there is strong faith but little study, it can be very difficult [because one has been brainwashed and propagandized to believe that only the Soka Gakkai upholds the Lotus Sutra]. 

Faith in the doctrines of the Soka Gakkai was simultaneously one of my biggest impediments to an easy transition and the source of my determination to leave the Soka Gakkai. Let me explain. Having been indoctrinated that Soka Gakkai activities was the source of both Enlightenment and the only way to realize the widespread propagation of the Lotus Sutra [Kosen Rufu], for years, I threw myself into activities at the expense of my profession, my family, my personal development etc yet it was still very difficult to determine to leave because my Great Wish was stronger than my "smaller wishes". On the other hand, my unrealizable "small wishes" [because of the time allotted to SGI activities] made it very easy to decide to leave, especially after studying deeply the writings of Nichiren Daishonin and comparing them to the SGI teachings.

If one is "happy", it is extremely difficult to leave the SGI despite the inconsistencies of their doctrines and their failure to act as they speak. Who cares if Nichiren and the Lotus Sutra teach that Shakyamuni is the Original Eternal Buddha, there is no proof that Nichiren inscribed the DaiGohonzon, that there is no place for interfaith practice, or the fact that a living master in the seat of Law is not a cardinal doctrine, let alone THE cardinal doctrine of the Lotus Sutra?  "I'm happy." It may take a great faith in the teachings in the face of the winds of pleasure, prosperity, praise, and honor to leave the SGI. 

Strong faith in the teachings and in Nichiren or no faith whatsoever, are the two greatest determinants for leaving the Soka Gakkai.  

No matter how fine is Ikeda, don't believe him if he goes against the Sutra

"Answer: In his dying instructions, the Buddha said, “Rely on the Law and not upon persons.” This means that if what a person says is not in agreement with what is expounded in the sutras, one should not believe it, no matter how fine the person may be. And he also said, “Rely on sutras that are complete and final and not on those that are not complete and final.” Because ignorant and uninformed persons cannot decide for themselves which of the sutras expounded by the Buddha in his lifetime of teaching were preached earlier and which were preached later, or which are shallow and which are profound, they should rely on the sutras that are complete and final." -- On Reciting the Daimoku of the Lotus Sutra

and further down:

"Ordinary people in this latter age cannot depend upon others just because they are said to be wise. The people of our present age can hardly hope to compare to the wise persons of long ago. And thus, even the words of someone who is looked on as ignorant, if they are supported by clear passages of proof in the sutras and treatises, are by no means to be scorned." 

Most importantly, Nichiren writes in this treatise.

"Moreover, the Buddhas figuring in the various sutras do not have the power to confer the benefits bestowed by other Buddhas. To be sure, it is stated that the Buddhas are equal in their enlightenment and that one Buddha is the same as the other Buddhas. And that if one adopts the view that the Dharma bodies of the Buddhas are all equal, then one may say that one Buddha is the same as another Buddha. But in reality, one Buddha does not possess the power to confer the benefits bestowed by all the other Buddhas.

In the case of the Lotus Sutra, however, all the sutras preached in the first forty and more years are included within this one sutra. The Buddhas of the worlds in the ten directions, who are all endowed with the three bodies, are one and all gathered there, for, as it is explained, all are emanations of the one Buddha, Shakyamuni. Therefore, this one Buddha is none other than all Buddhas, and all Buddhas are thus brought together within the two characters of myōhō."

Ikeda stole the ghee of the Lotus Sutra

"I, Nichiren, was born in this country of Japan, have never deceived others, never stolen, or committed any sort of offense."

Ikeda, on the other hand deceived millions for over thirty-three years that the Nichiren Shoshu was the correct faith. He stole the ghee of the Lotus Sutra to bolster the inferior teachings of Human Revolution and Value Creationism and he has committed numerous offenses: 

The Soka Gakkai and the Nichiren Shoshu hate Shakyamuni Buddha

"But now the 4,589,659 people of this country of Japan have been deceived by the great heavenly devil in the person of men such as Shan-tao, Eshin, Yōkan, and Hōnen, who have led them to cast aside Shakyamuni and take Amida Buddha as their object of devotion. And in their madness, they have gone so far as to seize the fifteenth day of the second month [the day when Shakyamuni passed away] and declare it to be the day of Amida Buddha’s passing; and the eighth day of the fourth month [when Shakyamuni was born] they claim to be the birthday of Medicine Master Buddha. Their hatred of Shakyamuni, who is the father of us all, is so intense that they insist that Great Bodhisattva Hachiman is a manifestation of Amida Buddha. In doing so, they mean to pay honor to Great Bodhisattva Hachiman, but in fact they become enemies of Great Bodhisattva Hachiman.

If I understood nothing of all this, that would be the end of the matter. But in fact for the past twenty-eight years I have endeavored to dispel these mistaken beliefs by quoting the passage [from the Lotus Sutra in which Shakyamuni Buddha states]: “But now this threefold world [is all my domain, and the living beings in it are all my children].” If people failed to believe me, they could at least have left it at that. But instead they shot arrows at me, slashed me, attempted to kill me, exiled me, or drove me away. For that reason Great Bodhisattva Hachiman has set fire to his dwelling and ascended to the heavens." [1280]

The SGI and the Nichiren Shoshu also hate Shakyamuni Buddha. They destroy the great matter of Nichiren's declaration of Shakyamuni Buddha as Original Eternal Buddha and the very reason for the persecutions befalling him.

Rely on the Law and not upon persons

"But when debating these matters with followers of other schools, one should confine the discussion to matters dealing with general principles. Thus, for example, one should point out that if T’ien-t’ai’s Great Concentration and Insight were not based on the Lotus Sutra, then it should be summarily discarded. Why? Because the Great Teacher T’ien-t’ai himself stated emphatically, “That which accords with the sutras is to be written down and made available. But put no faith in anything that in word or meaning fails to do so.” The Great Teacher Dengyō said, “Depend upon the preachings of the Buddha, and do not put faith in traditions handed down orally.” The Treatise on the Great Perfection of Wisdom of Nāgārjuna says that one should rely on treatises that are faithful to the sutras, but not rely on those that distort the sutras. And Shakyamuni, the lord of teachings, said, “Rely on the Law and not upon persons.”

Three Thousand Realms in a Momentary Existence of Life

Three Thousand Realms (or Worlds) In a Momentary Existence of Life 

Each of the Ten Realms [Hell, Hunger, Animality, Anger, Humanity, Rapture, Learning, Self Realization, Bodhisattva, and Buddha], one of which is manifest from moment to moment, contains Ten Realms which are latent, thus making One Hundred Realms. Each of the One Hundred Realm contains the Ten Factors, thus making One Thousand Realms. Each Realm also contains the Three Principles of Individuation [the Realm of the Individual, the Realm of the Society of Beings in which the individual resides, and the Realm of the Environment in which the individual resides] thus making Three Thousand Realms. 

In general, a Bodhisattva [selfless being] manifests primarily Bodhisattva from moment to moment and always quickly returns to Bodhisattva when manifesting one of the other realms. The Bodhisattva has the Appearance, Nature, Entity, Power, Influence, Cause, Condition, Latent Effect, Manifest Effect, and Consistency from Beginning to End of a Bodhisattva. Both the society or collection of beings in which the Bodhisattva resides and the environment [land] of the Bodhisattva manifest predominantly the Realm of Bodhisattva. 

In general, a cat manifests primarily Animality from moment to moment and always quickly returns to Animality when manifesting one of the other realms. The cat has the Appearance, Nature, Entity, Power, Influence, Cause, Condition, Latent Effect, Manifest Effect, and Consistancy from Beginning to End of an animal. Both the society or collection of beings in which the cat resides and the environment of the cat manifest predominantly the Realm of Animality. 

A Bodhisattva will manifest Animality for periods of time when, for example, he experiences the urge to sleep or defecate.

A cat will manifest Bodhisattva for periods of time when, for example, it acts selflessly towards its kittens or its owner. 

Tientai asserted that every being has the potential to elevate its central life tendency [or the Realm or Realms to which it gravites] through the principle of Ichinen Sanzen. For example, a cat can create the causes and conditions for Bodhisattva by either very strongly [for a moment] or habitually acting selflessly. Intent, according to Tientai, is far less important than actuality or suchness in elevating [or lowering] one's central life tendency. 

The practice advocated by Tientai was meditation directed towards perceiving the Three Thousand Realms In a Momentary Existence of Life. He recited the title of the Lotus Sutra ten thousand times a day for his personal practice but since the time and the people's capacity were not ripe for the widespread propagation of the principle practice of the Lotus Sutra, he refrained from advocating this practice for others. 

Nichiren Daishonin taught Actual Ichinen Sanzen or one moment of exceptionally profound faith and joy in Namu Myoho renge kyo and its continuous recollection is itself Buddhahood.

Perfectly endowed

"The sahā world Shakyamuni Buddha revealed in the “Life Span” chapter is the eternal pure land, impervious to the three calamities and to the cycle of the four kalpas. The Buddha neither has entered into extinction in the past nor will be born in the future. And the same is true of his disciples. This means that their lives are perfectly endowed with the three thousand worlds, that is, with the three realms of existence*."

*The Realm of the Individual, the Realm of the Society of Beings, and the Realm of the Environment.

Never act cowardly

"Let each and every one without exception who would name themselves my disciples never think of acting cowardly. Do not think of parents, wives, children, nor have regards for domains. For immeasurable kalpas there have been more instances than the dust atoms of the Great Earth that they have abandoned their lives for the sake of parents, children, and domains but never yet once have they abandoned their lives for the sake of the Lotus Sutra. Although they fully practice the Lotus Sutra, when such events occur, they turn, backslide, and stop. For example, it is like putting boiling water into cold water or attempting to start a fire and failing to succeed. Let each one be resolved. Exchanging this body for the Lotus Sutra is exchanging rocks for gold or dung for rice. As an auspicious sign that the Five Characters Myo ho ren ge kyo which are the Essence of the Lotus Sutra and the Eyes of the Buddhas and which even Kashyapa, Ananda and so on, Ashvaghosa, Nagarjuna and so on, Nan Yueh, Tientai and so on, Miao-le, Dengyo and so on have not yet spread during the more than twenty-two hundred and fifty years after the Buddha's Extinction, they are going to spread at the beginning of the Age of the Latter Dharma. I, Nichiren, have taken the lead. My party, together with the second and third battle lines and continuing on are, indeed, superior even to Kashyapa and Ananda and go beyond Tientai and Dengyo. If they are terrified when the rulers of a mere little island nation threaten, what shall they do about the torments of King Emma? Those naming themselves, 'messengers of the Buddha' yet who act cowardly are the vilest of people." -- Letter on His Various Acts (Shuju Furumai Gosho)

As long as life goes on...

"Because passing a whole lifetime is of no extent, no matter how many strong enemies keep coming back, never have a backsliding or fearful mind! Even though one's neck they they slice with a saw, the belly they rake with a sharp tool, or they drive a rope through our feet with an awl, as long as life goes on, we chant Namu Myoho renge kyo, Namu Myoho renge kyo. And if we die, chanting as we die, then Shakya, Taho, and the Buddhas of the Ten Directions [because it was their Promise at the Assembly on the Spiritual Eagle Mountain] in the space of an instant will come flying, rushing to our side, taking our hand and catching our shoulders while the Two Saints, the Two Devas, and the Ten Rakshasa Women will protect those who receive and keep the Lotus Sutra. The various gods and good deities will hold the heavenly canopy and raise the banner guarding us. They will for certain accompany us to the Jeweled Field of Tranquil Light. Oh, how joyful; oh, how joyfull!" -- On Practing According to the Preachings

For my Arabic friends

د Anonymous يو تیریدلو

"دا ټول انسانان دي د Shakyamuni د بودا د مریدانو. راهیسې د بېلابېلو بودا پخپله د Shakyamuni بودا emanations، دا زموږ د لمر، سپوږمۍ او ستوري، چې د بېلابېلو بندګۍ پرته وايي چې د دوی د مریدانو باید د Shakyamuni مريدانو وي د کورس ته ځي. او په تېرو کې له بې شمېره عمرونو په نړۍ کې اوسېدل بايد ورته د Shakyamuni د بودا د مريدانو وي. " "(MW ټوک 2، Ibid، الین 152)

5 څرګندونې:

  1. په آسانۍ سره وايي، خو په سخته پوه که له يوه څخه د څه litterally وويل واخلي ښه نه پېژني
    Reply ړنګول


    1. Noel،
      په Gosho، "د Gohonzon دریښتینو اړخ"، Nichiren ليکي: "د لوي تمرکز لومړي حجم او انسایټ وايي، څنګه یو ډرا، په دې باور دي، او د ژر تر ژر د تدريس تمرین ته بشپړ روڼ اندۍ د تامين؟ د لومړي حجم د «لوي غلظت او انسایټ وایي، 'لپاره چې د کامل د تدريس باور ته دوکتورین له لارې او د ايمان د عمل پر بنسټ د ایمان ویښتوب په مانا ده." او په همدې Gosho: "د T'ien-t تبصرې 'AI او Miao-بيشکه لپاره دا روښانه کړې چې د ایمان بنسټ دی. " شته چې د نيلوفر Sutra ژوره لارښوونو ته مراجعه بله لاره نه لري؛ ترڅو د يکتا بودا Shakyamuni لارښوونو پوه د ستونزمن باور او ستونزمن؛ بله لاره نه ته د منلو وړ او د دغو لارښوونو باور، یواځې - د ایمان د بودا !! thewisdom دروازه پرانيستل شوه ~ کیټی

    2. که زموږ بدن تحريف کړې نو زموږ د سيوري ده ... زموږ په ذهن دی تحريف کړې نو زموږ له چاپيريال سره دی ... د تلپاتې Shakyamuni د بودا د یوې ګروهې زموږ ایمان دی تحريف کړې نو به زموږ د تشخيص شي چې يا هغه څه چې موږ دي
    3. دا نظر يو بلاګ د سمبالوونکي لخوا لرې شوي دي.

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Continuing and developing the practice for the long haul

"Just a suggestion but would it be possible to post more info on how to really dive into the teachings for a new be coming into the Nichiren fold?there isn't much info out there other than by "those that shan't be named." or others with there own agenda. would it be possible to maybe post some things that show how one can begin, continue and develop their practice for the long haul and integrate into everyday life from an authentic point not from a watered down, mixed point like what is being peddled as Nichiren Buddhism." -- Josh

To begin to dive into the teachings, determine to chant Namu Myoho renge kyo for, at least, 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening. Choose a clean area of your home and set up an altar with blank wall, altar table, covered water cup [to change the water daily], vase for fresh flowers or evergreens [which should never be left on to wither and die], food bowl for offering fresh fruit [and try never to let the fruit rot], bell, insense dish, and candle holder. Initially, you may place a statue of Shakyamuni Buddha on the altar [be sure that it is Guatama or Shakyamuni and not Amida] and place a copy of the Lotus Sutra before it. In order to continue, make a great indestructible vow to continue chanting Namu Myoho renge kyo until the last moment of your life. To help you to continuously renew and strengthen your vow, it is necessary several things: To study the Lotus Sutra and the writings of Nichiren Daishonin on a daily basis if possible; to take as your teachers Shakyamuni Buddha of the Original Doctrine [Shakyamuni of the 16th Chapter of the Lotus Sutra] and Nichiren Daishonin, The Supreme Votary of the Lotus Sutra]. Integrating the teachings into your daily life is to chant the title of the Lotus Sutra with the same faith as Nichiren. When your vow is firm, you may ask your friend or family member who introduced you to the faith and practice to bestow upon you a mandala Gohonzon or you may print off a mandala Gohonzon and either frame it or mount it on a blank wall scroll. The Gohonzon should be placed on the wall above seated eye level or placed in a cabinet called a Butsudan. You may continue to have your statue of Shakyamuni Buddha and the copy of the Lotus Sutra on the altar and you may also place a statue of Nichiren Daishonin on the altar. Usually, the statues and copy of the Lotus Sutra are placed in the middle in front of the Gohonzon but this is not a hard and fast rule. Nichiren was not absolutely clear as to the structure of a valid object of worship [devotion], be it a painted [or inscribed] or statue arrangement. This accounts for the different styles and arrangements of the objects of worship of the various sects. You can't go wrong with a copy of a Nichiren inscribed Gohonzon. 

There are two types of practice: The practice for oneself and the practice for others. The practice for oneself is to chant Namu Myoho renge kyo. We may also chant parts of the 2nd and 16th Chapters of the Lotus Sutra. The practice for others can be further broken down into the peaceful practices and the forceful practices. Only the priests must perform both practices. Laymen and laywomen may or may not perform the forceful practices depending on their abilities. Nichiren performed principally the peaceful practices regarding his disciples and believers and principally the forceful practices regarding believers and practitioners of other faiths. 

You will develop and integrate your faith and practice by following the Master Nichiren and adopting his manner of reading the Lotus Sutra [a bodily reading]. 

They would try to contain and re-educate us.

"Such [interfaith] engagements lead to an understanding to contain and re-educate...religious purists." -- Keynote speaker at SGI Malaysia and SGI Institute of Oriental Philosophy symposium

They would try to contain and re-educate us. but we turn the tables on them.

The following passages with capitalized words are from Scruton along with commentary proving that the SGI has the essential features of Fascism :

“[Fascism is] more notable as a political phenomenon on which diverse intellectual influences converge than as a distinct idea; as political phenomenon, one of its most remarkable features has been the ability to win massive popular support for ideas that are expressly ANTI-EGALITARIAN.”

Despite their rhetoric, there is a huge chasm between general members and their religious leaders in the Soka Gakkai. If a general member or lower level leader disagrees with a higher level leader, it is always the general member who lacks faith or should reflect. If a leader visits the home of a member, the leader invaraibly leads prayers even if the member has been practicing many years more than the leader.

"Fascism is characterized by the following features (not all of which need be present in any of its recognized instances"):

Not one leader has ever been elected in the Soka Gakkai but they call themselves, “the flower of Buddhist democracy”. Whenever members like the IRG group or individuals bring up elections of leaders, the higher level leaders, questions their faith or spins it that, “the SGI is already a Buddhist democracy, of what use are elections.” A leaders term is indefinite and the higher level leaders serve at the whim of the unelected “President”. Some leaders have been Vice General Directors, General Directors, or Vice Presidents for decades.

‘and to the VALUES OF THE ENLIGHTENMENT” [The Age of Reason]:

Another name for this age is the Age of Free Thought. As we have seen there is no free thought in the Soka Gakkai. See how far one gets in the organization were one to take Shakyamuni, Buddha, Nichiren Daishonin, or Michio Kaku as their mentor instead of Daisaku Ikeda. Free thought extends to the sphere of freedom of study. One can not even study the various extant Gohonzons in the Soka Gakkai because it is forbidden to photograph the Gohonzon. Even an independent study of the Lotus Sutra and the writings of Nichiren Daishonin is frowned upon. One must utilize the commentaries of the mentor. There were dozens of debating societies during the Age of Enlightenment. There is no debate in the Soka Gakkai. It is the mentors way or the highway and they are loathe to debate the other Nichiren sects, particularly the Kempon Hokke.


One need only observe the 20 foot banners, monuments, plaques and reliefs of Ikeda to know that the Soka Gakkai is a cult of personality. The teaching of the Oneness of Mentor and Disciple too is evidence. The memorizations ["fusing with", "burning into ones life"] of Ikeda’s guidances, aphorisms and poems, is another example. Naming dozens of parks, buildings, schools, and monuments after Ikeda, is yet another example.


His voluminous and often ghost written books, his hundreds of paid for honorarium; “his ability to read minds and know what others are thinking.”; “‘The sun always shining when he comes to visit.”; His fidelity; loyalty; sincerity; never erring on religious or secular matter; the list literally goes on and on.

SYMBOLS associated with it, such as UNIFORMS, PARADES and ARMY DISCIPLINE”:

One finds dozens of claims of the inability of people to attain Buddhahood outside the SGI organization. Every Division has their own flag and special symbols. The SGI has its own flag and symbol. Uniforms were a big part of the USA organization for years and are still worn in Japan. Uniformity, especially among the young men’s division is highly valued. Many fail to move up the organizational ladder if they have a moustache or beard. They have grandiose parades and their young men’s and young women’s divisions are run with military inspired discipline.

“The ultimate doctrine contains little that is specific, beyond AN APPEAL TO ENERGY AND ACTION”:

“Victory or defeat”; “ever victorious”; “life condition”; “take action today”; “It is essential for our members to raise their voices and take action.”; “Develop the will and spiritual energy to guide your members.”; give your very life for the Soka Gakkai.” “A lion is fearless. A lion is never defeated. A lion never laments. A lion is swift. A lion roars. A lion runs. And, above all, a lion wins without fail.”

“Another way to look at fascism is as a movement of extreme racial or CULTURAL NATIONALISM, combined with ECONOMIC CORPORATISM and AUTHORATARIAN AUTOCRACY”:

The Soka Gakkai is a country within the countries to which it has spread. There most definitely is a culture of Soka. The minor differences in the organizations of the various countries is window dressing rather than a true cultural assimilation. We would not be wrong to say it is an organization based on the Japanese cultural baggage of Bushido or way of the warrior [fierce loyalty, honor, feudalism]. They are one of the largest multi-national religious corporations in the world.

“masked during its rise to state [world] power by PSEUDO-RADICAL POPULIST appeals to overthrow a conspiratorial elitist regime”:

Anyone who opposes the goal of “world peace” based on the Soka “value creation” philosophy are elitists, intellectuals, or priest-like.




Nothing could be more reactionary than the autocratic pyramidal structure of the Soka Gakkai formulated by Three Presidents and perfected by Daisaku ikeda, “The Buddha of the modern age who looks upon the people as his children”.


Daisaku Ikeda’s Concept of Peace Cosmology is an example of SGI’s grandiose metaphysical goal. It doesn’t even limit the metaphysical goal to the earth but the entire cosmos. 

In his internal speeches since 1991, and in the latest Human Revolution series, we come to see that the evil Nichiren Shoshu priests and the the other evil Nichiren sects, in general, are the only thing preventing the realization of the worldwide actualization of Soka peace cosmology or the spread of the true teachings [Kosen Rufu].

“In any case, in most definitions of fascism the themes of conspiracism and a NEEDED SCAPEGOAT emerge”:

The Nichiren priests, in general and the Nichiren Shoshu, specifically, according to the SGI are the Third of the Three Powerful Enemies, to be crushed. They can’t even see that their high paid business suited lay leaders are what Dengyo terms, nominal Bhikksus or priests.

The parallels between fascism and the Soka Gakkai are conclusive. Other parallels are, elitism, xenophobia and drive for control, for example. Then there is the false propaganda and propagandists, those like yourself.

Daisaku Ikeda is not our pet devil nor is he even the reincarnation of Devedatta. He is our best friend in the entire World because without Ikeda and his organization, there would be no way to contrast the SGI with the Nichiren Lotus Sutra Buddhism.

On rebuking the enemies of the Lotus Sutra

"[If] even one with deep faith does not rebuke the enemies of the Lotus Sutra, no matter what great good he may produce, even if he recites and copies the Lotus Sutra a thousand or ten thousand times, or perfects the way of contemplating the three thousand realms in one thought-moment, if he fails to rebuke the enemies of the Lotus Sutra, then it will be impossible for him to realize enlightenment. To illustrate, even if one has served the court for ten or twenty years, if, knowing of the ruler’s enemies, he fails to report them or to oppose them himself, then the merit of his service will all be lost and he will instead be guilty of a crime. You must understand that the people of today are slanderers of the Dharma." (Nanjõ Hyõe Shichirõ-dono gosho, STN 1: 321–22)20

Sharpen your perception

“Unless one can perceive the relative profundity of the various writings, one cannot judge the worth of the principles they reveal.” — The Opening of the Eyes

SGI born again Christian fundamentalist like testimonials

It's doctrine stupid [or SGI born again Christian fundamentalist testimonials, six of one, half a dozen of another]

The leaders of the Boston Ikeda Center trample on the dignity of the Nichiren faith.

Let's look, ponder, and analyze the "forums, themes, and thinkers" series of the Boston Ikeda Center for Peace, Learning, and Dialogue, as well as, SGI's peace, culture, and education videos in light of Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism. Can we find one mention of Namu Myoho renge kyo, Gohonzon, or Kaiden? Can we find one instance of a remonstrance of Christianity, Provisional Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, or Judiaism? Can we find one mention of the Lotus Sutra and Nichiren Daishonin in the millions of words written and spoken?

They are putting the cart before the horse. Even a six year old is aware of the problems facing humanity. Efforts to create awareness of the problems is hardly the means to eradicating them, let alone lamenting about humanity's lack of awareness. Nichiren Daishonin teaches:

"But despite all these efforts, they merely exhaust themselves in vain. Famine and epidemics rage more fiercely than ever, beggars are everywhere in sight, and scenes of death fill our eyes. Corpses pile up in mounds like observation platforms, and dead bodies lie side by side like planks on a bridge."

Nichiren goes on to say:

"I have pondered the matter carefully with what limited resources I possess, and have looked a little at the scriptures for an answer. The people of today all turn their backs upon what is right; to a person, they give their allegiance to evil. This is the reason that the benevolent deities have abandoned the nation and departed together, that sages leave and do not return. And in their stead devils and demons come, and disasters and calamities occur. I cannot keep silent on this matter. I cannot suppress my fears."

Nichren then cites the Golden Light Sutra [referring to the Lotus Sutra]:

"The host said: There are numerous passages that could be cited and a wide variety of proofs. For example, in the Golden Light Sutra we read: “[The four heavenly kings said to the Buddha], ‘Though this sutra exists in the nation, its ruler has never allowed it to be propagated. In his heart he turns away from it, and he takes no pleasure in hearing its teachings. He neither makes offerings to it, honors it, nor praises it. Nor is he willing to honor or make offerings to the four kinds of Buddhists who embrace the sutra. In the end, he makes it impossible for us and the other countless heavenly beings who are our followers to hear this profound and wonderful teaching. He deprives us of the sweet dew of its words and cuts us off from the flow of the correct teaching, so that our majesty and strength are drained away. Thus the number of beings who occupy the evil paths increases, and the number who dwell in the human and heavenly realms decreases. People fall into the river of the sufferings of birth and death and turn their backs on the road to nirvana."

Yet, the advocates of Ikedaism council:

Dr. Ikeda recalled Dewey's assertion that it is “the religious” rather than any specific religion that is of importance and noted that “the religious” is not a species of dogma, but rather a quality that can permeate experiences of many types, including those that are aesthetic, educative, and even political. It was in this connection that Dr. Ikeda associated the long-term viability of any form of religious expression with the degree to which it is capable of balancing and harmonizing internal and external forces in ways that promote positive social change. -- Larry Hickman

Nichiren then reiterates [and might well be speaking about the leaders of the Soka Gakkai such as Richard Yoshimachi, Virginia Straus, Mitch Bogen, Shirley Chandl, Jeff Farr, Masahiro Hagiya, Elizabeth King, Kevin Maher, Masao Yakota, Beth Zimmerman, and especially Daisaku Ikeda]: 

"...Outwardly they will seem to be wise and good, but within they will harbor greed and jealousy. [And when they are asked to preach the teachings, they will say nothing,] like Brahmans who have taken a vow of silence. They are not true monks—they merely have the appearance of monks. Consumed by their erroneous views, they slander the correct teaching.

"When we look at the world in the light of these passages of scripture, we see that the situation is just as they describe it. If we do not admonish the evil priests, how can we hope to do good?"

SGI is a Mount Sumeru of slander

The Buddha stated, "Resplendent and adamantine are my words. Listen carefully and discern." 

Nichiren would be be more forceful with the Soka Gakkai than with the provisional sects of his day. While he was alive, for the most part, he could rein in his errant disciples through personal letters and direct communication. Today, he must rely on his faithful disciples and believers to police themselves. 

Every letter Nichiren wrote was to confront the established sects and/or to raise disciples and believers capable of establishing the true teachings and to refute the provisional teachings. Today, many so-called Nichiren sects slander the true teachings, seeking approval from the interfaith community, the provisional sects, and from the non-Buddhists. 

The Opening of the Eyes, the Selection of the Time, Repaying Debts of Gratitude, The True Object of Worship, as well as, his more than six hundred letters and fragments of letters are living testaments to his great wish to establish Namu Myoho renge kyo and strengthen the faith of his disciples and believers. He clarified for our sake both correct and incorrect Buddhist doctrines and he enjoined us to get along as "fish and the water in which they swim". All this he taught so the Law would long endure and that we live long happy lives free of misfortune and disasters

Nichiren never got his chance for a national debate. Other than his first public lecture in 1253, the local debate on Sado, and his meeting with the Regent Hei-no-saemon in 1274, he had little opportunity to confront the leaders of the established sects except indirectly through his writings and the conversion efforts of his disciples and believers. 

The so-called shortcomings of the Soka Gakkai are anything but mere shortcomings. They are a Mount Sumeru of slander. Nichiren would be outraged that the SGI fails to follow his teachings and admonitions, choosing instead to follow the person of Daisaku Ikeda. There are principles of "refutation" and "intervention" in Nichiren's Lotus Sutra Buddhism. He taught his disciples not to believe those who claim to be his followers unless they have some proof of it in his own hand. The proof today is the Lotus Sutra and his authentic writings, believing and upholding them. Nichiren was very clear about the exclusive faith and practice of the Lotus Sutra and that the forceful practices of the Lotus Sutra are to be employed in this degenerate age. Clear too are Nichiren's teachings on the staunch unity of his disciples if the Great wish is to be realized. He teaches that fifty or a hundred men in unity can overcome a great army in disarray. I enjoin you to create the type of unity that will move mountains. 

The only religion that can save humanity is the religion based on the correct Three Great Secret Laws and Correct Three Treasures of the Juryo-hon Chapter of the Lotus Sutra. The Soka Gakkai tramples on these bedrocks of the Nichiren faith. 

Most people fail to see themselves, especially after having drunk the poison of erroneous teachings. Modeling ourselves on the Buddha (The Excellent Physician) and Nichiren Daishonin (the Buddha's messenger), we will awaken the SGI members to keep well the Three Great Secret Dharmas of the Chapter of the Measure of Life and the Good Excellent Medicine which is Namu Myoho renge kyo

SGI's unwarranted faith

These egotistical SGI heretics actually think that they are the avatars of the Lotus Sutra and Nichiren who will ensure the peace and prosperity of Japan. The reality and modern history of the Japanese nation and rise of the Soka Gakkai demolishes their unwarranted faith.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Trust Nichiren

“It also says: “Evil monks, hoping to gain fame and profit, will in many cases appear before the ruler, the crown prince, or the other princes, and take it upon themselves to preach doctrines that lead to the violation of the Buddhist Law and the destruction of the nation. The ruler, failing to perceive the truth of the situation, will listen to and put faith in such doctrines, and proceed to create regulations that are perverse in nature and that do not accord with the rules of Buddhist discipline. In this way he will bring about the destruction of Buddhism and of the nation.” — On Dealing With Disasters

This is exactly the situation in Japan today with the SGI/Komeito preaching false doctrines and counseling the ruling party which is creating perverse regulations, for example, those severely curtailing free speech, those allowing manufacture and sale of arms throughout asia and the world, those sanctioning an unprecedented post World War II military buildup, and those limiting assistance to TEPCO in the clean-up of Fukushima. 

“The Great Collection Sutra says, “If he [the ruler of the state] sees that my teaching is in danger of perishing and stands idly by without doing anything to protect it, . . . his country will become the scene of three inauspicious occurrences.” — ibid

“The Lotus Sutra states: “In that evil age there will be monks with perverse wisdom and hearts that are fawning and crooked who will suppose they have attained what they have not attained, being proud and boastful in heart. . . . These men with evil in their hearts . . . will address the rulers, high ministers, Brahmans, and householders, as well as the other monks, slandering and speaking ill of us, saying, ‘These are men of perverted views who preach non-Buddhist doctrines!’ — ibid

“If we consider the matter in the light of these passages, we will see that evil monks fill the country and preach doctrines that lead to the destruction of the nation and the violation of the Buddhist Law. The rulers and the four kinds of Buddhist believers who live in that nation, failing to perceive the truth of the situation, listen to and put faith in their words. Therefore they reject and turn their hearts away from these Mahayana sutras.” — ibid

The Japanese rulers and the people have rejected and turned their hearts away from the Lotus Sutra, Shakyamuni Buddha and Nichiren Daishonin and towards the Human Revolution, New Komeito, and Daisaku Ikeda.

“Answer: The Benevolent Kings Sutra says: “Those persons who should uphold and guard the three treasures of Buddhism will on the contrary become the destroyers of the three treasures, just as it is the worms that are born from the body of a dead lion that will feed on the lion’s flesh. It will not be the non-Buddhists [but in most cases the Buddha’s own disciples who will destroy this Buddhist Law of mine].”

SGI's Three Treasures are not the Three Treasures of the Lotus Sutra, Nichiren and his disciples.

If we go by this passage, those who destroy the nation and the Buddhist Law will come from among the disciples of the Buddha.” — ibid

This is self-explanatory.

“Question: These evil monks who destroy the correct teaching—do they destroy it with a teaching that resembles the correct teaching, or do they destroy it with an evil teaching?” — ibid

Nichiren goes on to say that those who destroy the correct teachings are those who embrace a teaching that resembles the correct teachings. To the ignorant, Nam Myoho renge kyo, the Nichikan Gohonzon, and the SGI faith is the same as Namu Myoho renge kyo, the Nichiren Gohonzon, and the Nichiren faith. Nothing could be further from the truth.

“As these passages demonstrate, those who slander the Law fail to realize in full how their acts affect others and proceed to commit grave faults, bringing about the destruction of the nation and the destruction of the Buddhist Law.” — ibid

These egotistical SGI heretics actually think that they are the avatars of the Lotus Sutra and Nichiren who will ensure the peace and prosperity of Japan. The reality and modern history of the Japanese nation and rise of the Soka Gakkai demolishes their unwarranted faith. 

The Golden Light Sutra states: “He neither makes offerings to it [the sutra], honors it, nor praises it. . . Then many different types of disasters will occur in the country.” The Nirvana Sutra speaks of those who “hate and despise the unsurpassed Great Nirvana Sutra.” — ibid

Altering the Three Treasures, particularly changing the Three Treasures and converting the Three Treasures into Four Treasures [adding the Treasure of the Guru Ikeda which subsumes the Three Treasures of the Sutra and Nichiren] is to hate and despise the Three Treasures. Making offerings to the false Three and Four Treasures, is to dishonor the Three Treasures of the Lotus Sutra and Nichiren.

"Question: If what you say is true, then why do persons who put their faith in the Mahayana sutras such as the Lotus Sutra or the True Word sutras encounter such disasters?
Answer: The Golden Light Sutra says: “The laws will be twisted until even the innocent are made to suffer.” The Lotus Sutra states, “They would bring unexpected disaster on him.”

The poor, unstudied, and unlearned SGI newbies are the innocents who are made to suffer. They expect to realize unsurpassed Supreme and Perfect Enlightenment but fall into the Lower Realms. This comes as a great shock to them.

"Judging from these passages that have just been quoted, such practitioners of the Lotus Sutra and True Word teachings have not yet reached any very profound level of practice, their minds are still weak in faith, and though their mouths recite the words of the sutra, they do not yet understand their meaning; they recite them only for the sake of fame or gain. –ibid

GAIN [“Goodness, Beauty, and Gain”] — The heart of the SGI teachings. A pity! A shame!

“Answer: The forces of karma do not operate in fixed ways. There is what is called karma that manifests itself in one’s present existence. Describing such cases, the Lotus Sutra says that a person “will in his present existence be afflicted with white leprosy. . . . And he will suffer from . . . severe and malignant illnesses.” The Benevolent Kings Sutra states: “If persons destroy the teachings of the Buddha, they will have no filial sons, no harmony with their six kinds of relatives, and no aid from the heavenly deities. Disease and evil demons will come day after day to torment them, disasters will descend on them incessantly, and misfortunes will dog them wherever they go.” And the Nirvana Sutra states: “If there are those who fail to put faith in this sutra, when they approach the time of death, they will encounter a world troubled by disorder, armed strife will break out, or they will find themselves the victims of the tyranny of rulers or the quarrels and contentions of warring families.”

Just so!

"Regarding the second type of karma, that which manifests itself in one’s next existence, the Lotus Sutra says, “If a person fails to have faith but instead slanders this sutra, . . . When his life comes to an end he will enter the Avichi hell.” And the Benevolent Kings Sutra states: “If persons destroy the teachings of the Buddha, . . . when they die, they will fall into the realms of hell, hungry spirits, and animals.” — ibid


“Question: What is the quickest way to put an end to these disasters?
Answer: One must quickly take measures to deal with those who slander the Law. If this is not done, then although endless prayers are offered, they will not put an end to these disasters.

Question: What measures should be taken to deal with them?
Answer: The measures are indicated in the sutras. In the Nirvana Sutra we read, “The Buddha said, ‘With the exception of one type of person, you may offer alms to all kinds of persons. . . . [Persons of this one type] slander the correct teaching, and go on committing these grave acts. . . . With the exception of this one group of people called icchantikas, however, you may offer alms to all others, and everyone will praise you.’ ”

From this passage it is clear that one should take measures to see that no alms are given to persons of this type. In addition, there are many other measures to be taken, but I do not have time to discuss them all here.”

What can we do in this time and this place? Do not offer alms during the SGI May Contribution Campaign [or ever], immediately renounce your membership, and join us in reprimanding them. 


"Answer: The Nirvana Sutra states: “Now I entrust the correct teaching, which is unexcelled, to the rulers, the ministers, the high officials, and the monks and nuns. If anyone should vilify the correct teaching, then the rulers, the ministers, and the four kinds of Buddhists should reprimand him and bring him to order. [In doing so, they] are not guilty of any fault.”

“Question: You yourself are a priest, and yet you are exposing the errors of other priests—is this not a blameful act?
Answer: The Nirvana Sutra says: “If even a good monk sees someone destroying the teaching and disregards him, failing to reproach him, to oust him, or to punish him for his offense, then you should realize that that monk is betraying the Buddha’s teaching. But if he ousts the destroyer of the Law, reproaches him, or punishes him, then he is my disciple and a true voice-hearer.”

When I read this passage, it seems to me that, in order to avoid being condemned as a “betrayer of the Buddha’s teaching,” I must not be fearful of how others may judge my actions,…” ibid

Trust Nichiren. Reprimanding the Soka Gakkai, you will be praised by the Buddha, the Buddhas of the Ten Directions, Nichiren Daishonin, and the Bodhisattvas of the Universe.

“But if, having once perused what I have written, they do not carry out the measures recommended in the passages I have quoted, then how can they escape the fate described in the Great Collection Sutra when it says: “Though for countless existences in the past the ruler of a state may have practiced the giving of alms, observed the precepts, and cultivated wisdom, if he sees that my teaching is in danger of perishing and stands idly by without doing anything to protect it, then all [the inestimable roots of goodness that he has planted through the practices just mentioned] will be entirely wiped out, and his country will become the scene of three inauspicious occurrences. . . . After his life has come to an end, he will be reborn in the great hell.”

This is surely the fate of Shinzo Abe and Daisaku ikeda.

"The passage in the Benevolent Kings Sutra states, “If a time should come when the good fortune of these rulers runs out, . . . then the seven disasters are certain to arise.” And the passage in the Great Collection Sutra says that “though for countless existences in the past the ruler of a state may have practiced the giving of alms, observed the precepts, and cultivated wisdom, . . . all [the inestimable roots of goodness that he has planted through the practices just mentioned] will be entirely wiped out.” — ibid

Ever more horrendous disasters are in store for Japan under Abe and the New Komeito. My heart bleeds for the innocents who will suffer.

“In view of these passages, should one not set aside all other affairs and consider first of all why these disasters occur? If one does not do so, then more and more such disasters are bound to occur!

"Such is my humble opinion. I leave it to others to accept or reject it.” — ibidTr