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Saturday, March 31, 2018

"Catholics are our older brothers." -- Daisaku Ikeda

World Tribune, May 24, 1993, p. 4 (Ikeda speech of May 3, 1993)

“Catholics have experienced a history of suffering; they have walked a path of bitter struggle. Viewed in that vein, I don’t think it is an exaggeration to say that Catholics are our older brothers.”

Except for Makiguchi, no one from SGI has ever been martyred and, unlike the jesuits and the master Nichiren, Ikeda has hardly lived even a day as a mendicant. He’s lived like a Pope, the rich lifestyle, everyone kissing his hands and feet, the vast Vatican and Soka art treasures bought off the backs of the people donating every bit of their extra money to the Church and Soka.

Ikeda is the lay-Pope of the East and the Soka Gakkai is modeled after Rome [Vatican].

The Catholics are the older brothers of the SGI while other Nichiren Buddhists, our priests, members, and our Lotus Sutra “theology,” are lower than dirt to them.

You know who is actually lower than dirt don’t you? Who are the real betrayers and traitors of the Nichiren faith?

Next time you do gongyo in front of the Nichikan Gohonzon, think about it… On second thought, find a blank wall to chant to, if you really wish to be illumned about this issue. The Nichikan Gohonzon has too much baggage and too too many demons.

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