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Friday, March 30, 2018

Karmic retribution and karmic reward

Karma is not the only determinant of weal and woe. It is however, the most important because it is only through a correct Buddhist faith and practice that one can overcome negative karma. Let me give you the example of the causes of diseases as revealed by the Buddha. There are five or six major categories of the causes of disease taught by the Buddha. All, save for disease caused by karma, can be cured by a skilled physician, medicine, and the healing power of the person. Disease caused by karma [weighty causes and effects] can only be cured by the healing power of a correct faith and practice of Buddhism. Likewise, the most severe external [environmental] manifestations [effects] of weighty human causes [thoughts, words, and deeds] are floods, great winds, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and war. As in the case of the most severe internal effects [severe illness], only through Buddhist faith and practice can we cure the most severe external “illnesses”. If the Earthquake, Tsunami, and nuclear meltdown in Japan is not due to karma, there are no seminal events that can be attributed to karma.

According to Nichiren Daishonin and Vasubhandu’s Dharma Analysis Treasury, the Abhidharmakosa [which is based on Vasubandu's exhaustive study of the Hinayana Sutras], the Japan disaster was caused by the karma of the people. By the principle of the most severe bad karma causing the most catastrophic events, the cause of the Japanese disaster is the Soka Gakkai whose karma it is to subvert the Law and the Buddha. Nichiren occasionaly cited the Dharma Analysis Treasury, the doctrines contained therein [windy circle], or the schools derived from this treatise. Also, according to this most important doctrine of the Dharma Analysis Treasury [the greatest good karma causing the most auspicious events], by far, the most important cause of the formation of planets and galaxies, for example, is due to the power of karmic reward of living beings. The slanderers with a piddling faith and understanding of the Buddhist teachings, those like Reverend Ryuei who criticize Nichiren and his followers, should first of all believe Nichiren Daishonin and then, if they still have any doubts, they should read Vasubandu’s Abhidharmakosa: 

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