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Friday, March 30, 2018

Life is unmoderated

Since life itself is un-moderated, I will continue to host the only un-moderated Nichiren blog and forum on earth. Sitting on the dock of Fukushima Bay at 3:00 pm, watching the tide roll away, just wastin’ time. Then, within a moment... gone, never to be heard from again. No one to moderate the Tsunami, no one to moderate the hundred thousand year + half life of uranium and plutonium. But people would moderate free speech thinking that it will protect them from what, looking foolish, sounding lame, crushing defeat, alienating people? Why? They are agenda laden cowards who fool themselves into believing that by controlling free speech, they control the world. When they are 90 years old, they won’t even be able to control their own bowels. We, the disciples and believers of Nichiren and Nichiju fear no man or woman, beast, or natural disaster. Our futures, actual proof, theory, theology, doctrine, and hearts are pure. We are secure. Be heard!

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