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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Only in SGI...the more you chant the stupider you get


  1. Mark & Co., we are NOT a very smarty people to begin with. In my youth and traveling cross country thru the night, rotating drivers in my VW split-window bus, and listening to "call-in radio shows"...I was stunned by the level of ignorance and stupidity throughout - the fly overs? the Walking Dead, lead by Trump, and Bush before him - they appear in full bloom before our eyes with no shame. I turned on Fox News and ....listened intently - I was stunned - a news channel turned wholly PROPOGANDA. Now, I opened the March 16th World Tribune, intently, and did not recognize what was being portrayed. Rather than criticize, I just asked myself - why are they taking this approach?

  2. Careful Maxwell. Guam will capsize if we send over several more battalians of Marines. And lets not forget a congressional award for Sendeless.

  3. Dear SGI Leader, or, all-in practitioner, could you please answer the aforementioned question, "why are you taking this approach?" this a "Hail Mary" or, your "Swan Song?".....the expectation that P. Ikeda had placed on and hoped for from America - and from melting-pot Americans has not materialized, so I'm thinking, it's all or nothing now, while your Mentor is still alive, so that he can pass peacefully with a smile - having been reassured, that America has turned the corner, and from this point on, it's upward and onward...?....Breaking the stalemate of four years of trench warfare (contrasted to NSA/SGI with over 45 years in this country), and with a projected army of over 2 million fresh, well nourished Americans streaming to the Western Front (contrasted to P. Ikeda's predictable life-span), Ludendorf's Saint Michael Offensive was an all-out offensive to break that stalemate before the Americans could fully assemble....or, Robert E. Lee's invasion of the north at the battle of many examples of warfare/conversion, military strategy/proselytizing, Commanders, Generals/Religious Leadership attempting conquest, no matter if it's good over this instance, the pending outcome, which hopefully readers here will be around to witness.....I'm thinking some results from the initial "surge"- but, 2years for a final judgment.

  4. And, if this year's 50k Lions don't appear or this effort doesn't "turn the corner," then what?

    1. Since the SGI-UK shakubuku campaign was a rousing failure, I imagine a similar fate for SGI-USA.

    2. Either way, as long as SGI maintains that Ikeda M/D is the prime point of the LS and interfaith is the practice, what they are spreading is not Nichiren LS Buddhism.

    3. WISDOM is supposed to be a derivative of practicing Buddhism. Then, we should conclude that when the leadership, supposedly the wisest of the wise, along with their Mentor, the wisest of the wisest, make decisions and implement them, success is a given. Thus, we can say that the "50k Lions of Justice" campaign represents the high-water mark of wisdom afforded by the SGI and their version of Buddhism; that shooting an arrow into the Earth and hitting the target is not even a subject worthy of discussion. Now, I am just one person, but as I open the World Tribune and try to read it afresh, I am rendered speechless. I know that as of recent, the Youth of this nation has appeared full blown and snatched the attention of a nation by storm. But, what is contained in the pages of the World Tribune....unless I have completely lost my mind and should just call it quits, unless a bar mitzvah of a new breed of bodhisattva, unseen before, is ready to appear, so indifferent, I just can't see a run on the market to become "one of them."

    4. No U.S. president has flip-flopped as often as President Ikeda, not even Donald Trump. Prrhaps, the more one flip-flops, the wiser the person. A clever disciple who changes the master's teachings, according to Nichiren, is a poor disciple and slanderer. Ikeda changed the recipe, inserting himself in place of the Buddha and the Law, the cake is rancid. Nichiren taught iver and over, we are not to change so much as a dot. Should SGI survive and the orthodox teachings disappear, Anger, Avarice, and stupidity will reign.

    5. and here is the bottom line......the law is a double edged sword. it can, will and has cut both ways. both tentai and nichiren concur that if one is in step with the law(buddhas dharma) this FAITH will instantly lead to enlightenment and eventual buddhahood. however, if one goes against(slanders) this law it will only lead to a deeper suffering and delusion, and one will only
      have a devil for a parent. ///sgi will use ikedas image as long as they can however, he is through. .....hence trump.

    6. the law is myoho and renge, its manifestation is kyo.

  5. Things are discoraging. The outrageous nepotism of Kirshner, while there is mass homelessness. Domestic terrorism going out of control, and being ignored. Arming teachers in mass shootings, at public achools. During the last great depression, they banned tommy guns that were used for bank robberies and mass shootings. This depression is much worse, this time.
    Kid's, barely have a chance. Out of range rent, with low paying jobs. Building nuclear reactors for the perpetrators of 911, so the can build the bomb.
    Coddled , rich housing secrataries, who pay 35 thousand of our tax money for dining sets while, so many americans are starving and homeless. Epa chief spends millions to fly eveywhere as our water becomes undrinkable.

    Thousands of tons of food gone to waste in puerto rico when walmart was promised exta diesel fuel for backup fuel for generators after the hurricane. The fuel was promised by fema!

    There are remnants of Japanese internment camps in the most gawd-awful, dry, remote desert wasteland, possible in Utah and Nevada. The government would never do this to anglos. American prisons are Disney Land, compared to the concentration camps, built, for Americans of Japanese descent in WWII. 
    If activists had not intervened and helped those people, even after the war was over in 1945, they and their families, would have died in those concentration camps. They would have died, courtesy of Harry Trueman, who contrary to propaganda, did not have to nuclear bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki, to end the war. The government confiscated all the possessions and property of those Americans, some of whom were 3rd generation americans. They never got it back.
    When Hawaiians and Californians, who remember this atrocity, asked about funding rememberance of these blasphemies, this Crepe, Zinke, flippantly replied "Konichiwa"

    Remember that Zinke got the crooked contract, for 200 mil for the 2 man electrical contractor in whitefish Montana where Zinke is from. He recommended them. They did such shoddy work, after wasting millions from american taxpayers, that they were fired. They did not come close to doing anything. 
    Puerto Rico had 23 bil was allocated by congress, yet 10,000 are still without shelter. 

    Zinke also spent 139,000 on new office doors.

  6. How many millions of acres of national forest land did he steal from the American people?

  7. This is what it is coming to in Japan. People,having whole families passed. 1 in 5, just wanna go to jail. Probably more in big cities. They round up poor in Tokyo, send them to Fukushima or use foreign interns, that they pay 19 dollars a day.This is what is happening in japan, as peoples families die off, and they are left alone. 1 in 5 oldsters, and probly more, just wanna go to jail. Many very poor in japan, sent to fukushima. What is the world coming too?

    Stock quotes



    Elderly people in Japan are getting arrested on purpose because they want to go to prison

    Mark Abadi



    Mar. 19, 2018, 1:56 PM



    Elderly people in Japan are intentionally getting arrested for petty crimes.DVIDSHUB/Flickr

    Japan has the oldest population in the world.Some senior citizens in Japan are intentionally committing petty crimes because they view life in jail as better than life outside, reports Bloomberg.The Japanese government is struggling to deal with the aging inmate population.

    Japan has the world's oldest population, with more than a quarter of its citizens aged 65 or older.

    The aging population has already put a strain on Japan's financial system andretail industry. But in recent years, another unexpected trend has been unfolding: In record numbers, elderly people in Japan are committing petty crimes so they can spend the rest of their days in prison.

    According to Bloomberg, complaints and arrests involving older citizens are outpacing those of any other demographic in Japan, and the elderly crime rate has quadrupled over the past couple of decades.

    In prisons, one out of every five inmates is a senior citizen. And in many cases — nine out of 10, for senior women — the crime that lands them in jail is petty shoplifting.

    The unusual phenomenon stems from the difficulties of caring for the country's elderly population. The number of Japanese seniors living alone increased by 600% between 1985 and 2015, Bloomberg reported. Half of the seniors caught shoplifting reported living alone, the government discovered last year, and 40% of them said they either don't have family or rarely speak to them.

    For these seniors, a life in jail is better than the alternative. They also get healthcare there

  8. Yakuza are employing the homeless un Fukushima.

  9. My family mostly dead or ruined, from nuclear. I knew a guy whose older dad got brain cancer. He moved to take care of him. Then he got pancreatic cancer. His daughter moved down, to take care of them, and got lung cancer. All in the same cancer-cluster place. It is not a joke. I have seen it happen many times in west us shitholes, like hanford, los alamos, nevada, utah. Multigenerations dead in cancer clusters. Straglers, left alone. Its happening in japan now. People never talk, or think about that.
    Now trump picked bolton, the worse neocon, iraq, warmonger from the Bush Years. Fallujah has huge numbers of birth defects, and multigenerational cancer, from depleted uranium, used in the iraq war.

  10. Sorry to hear about your famil cancer cluster. My family too died predominantly from cancer. Living in Oklahoma, im very aware of Karen Silkwood, Kerr-mcgee, Sequoyah/Cimmarron fuels, their plutonium and MOX plants and storage facilities. I live in Sequoyah county and have friends who are still "cleaning up" the closed plant. Every once in a while, believe it or not, he will come across a block of uranium six inches beneath the earth. I believe there are more cancers in our county than the general population. Cancer in general is everywhere. Namu Myoho renge kyo...

  11. Cleaning up the several square mile plant area after 30 years.

  12. Yes my place is a downwinder area. There were two huge uranium mills blowing radioactive dust across town 24/7. There were also 5 nuclear bombs detonated up stream of us, under the colorado river and in its headwaters. 7 urwnium mills, the nuclear blasts, the Nevada open air blasts from 1951 to 1963 and 1000s of uranium mines, turned that area into a hot radioactive mess. There was higher level radiation from the blasts, but mox and plutonium are high level and lethal in low concentrations. Our govwrnment really screwed us and our families over. So many birth defects too.

  13. I am sympathetic Dr Rogow. I will chant namu myoho renge kyo, for you and your family.