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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Soka Gakkai, the world of boundless hypocrisy

The Soka Gakkai political party Komeito supports the ruling Liberal Democratic Party: In jettisoning Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution; reopening shuttered nuclear reactors; investing in parts used to make weapons of mass destruction through Mitsubishi's industrial complex; Mitsubishi Bank as their official banker; and the gains from the billions invested in Mitsubishi which have their fat cat leaders ripe for the picking by the Law of Karma.

In an editorial to the Inter Press Service, the SGI President proposed two specific initiatives for nuclear disarmament: (1) To develop a new Non Proliferation Treaty-centered institutional framework--a commission dedicated to nuclear disarmament; and (2) The creation of a platform for negotiating a legal instrument to prohibit nuclear weapons.

"The key to bringing the history of nuclear weapons to a close lies in ensuring that all actors--states, international organisations and civil society--take shared action, working with like-minded partners while holding fast to a deep commitment to a world free of nuclear weapons."--Daisaku Ikeda


  1. If one brings up ending Nuclear weapons in SGI, at meetings, with young people of SGI, on the internet of SGI sites, you are shut-down. It is fake.

    1. People send emails out to do something. You get nothing back. Maybe it is stronger on the east coast. Doubt it, though. Japan refused to sign the UN charter, banning nuclear weapons. What does that tell you?

  2. Nuclear energy and nuclear weapons, are a two headed monster of the same origin. Nuclear war of any scale is insanity and apocolytic. Nuclear enery is grotesquely inefficient, unsafe, expensive and destructive. Nuclear reactors cannot stay open, without constant government bailouts and subsidies.