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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Strange and bizarre SGI

SGI shuns and castigates those who follow the correct law while praisng Islam.

Abandoning the Lotus Sutra and the Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin, the SGI misunderstands Buddhism and the world in which we live. Ignoring and sugar coating reality has become the mantra of the Soka Gakkai while they shun and castigates those who follow the correct Law. The most glaring example is, those who point out the very nature of Islam, the Q’uran, and its followers and believers, are severely criticized and rebuked by Soka Gakkai members. Copying, reading, reciting and analyzing those many dozens of passages of the Q’uran that advocate cheating, lying, killing, and maiming in the name of Islam is more fraught upon than the actual cheating, lying, maiming and killing itself that is being perpetrated by the followers and believers of Islam in the name of Islam.

How horrible when someone from the west widely publishes a video of the Islamists sawing through the neck of an American or Englishman. How horrible when someone publishes a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammad with a bomb strapped to his turban. Far more energy and resources are spent remonstrating and calumniating those who reveal the ugly face of Islam than against those who are the ugly face of Islam.

It is bad enough, the doctrinal and theoretical basis of Islam. The real reality of Islam is ten billion times more sinister. Afghanistan’s puritanical Taliban Islamic militia demolishing statues in Bamiyan, including two towering ancient stone Buddhas, was designed to stop the worshipping of “false idols”. How much worse will be their enmity and actions should Islam take hold against the votaries of the Lotus Sutra who worship the Gohonzon? Islam nearly destroyed Buddhism and killed millions of Buddhists in India. How much worse will it be 2500 years after the Buddha’s passing if the malignancy that is Islam once again takes hold? Compare and contrast the “puritanical Islamists” to the pure believers of Christianity, such as the Quakers and Mennonites? Compare the Islamic fundamentalists and Mohammad to the votaries of the Lotus Sutra and Nichiren Daishonin? Who is strapping bombs to women and mental defectives and blowing up innocent men, women, children, and animals in the pet market?

There are two ways of propagating the Lotus Sutra: The gentle method and the break and subdue method. To convert the Quakers and Mennonites of the world, we employ the gentle practices. To convert the Islamists, we employ the break and subdue practices. These bearded turbaned men of Islam are in Hell now and after they die they will go to Hell. Those who would rob the life of the votaries of the Lotus Sutra [and without doubt, since they have no compunction of taking the life of their fellow religionists, they would rob us of our life], must be routed.

Who will be the first to die if Islam reigns supreme? It will be those who chant Namu Myoho renge kyo, revere Shakyamuni Buddha, and worship the Gohonzon. This is not the imaginings of a man who needs help, it is clearly written in the Islamic Holy Book, the basis of Shariah. According to Sharia, they may spare believers in God, the Christians and the Jews but they may not compromise with Pagans or the Buddhist believers in the True Law.

These men of Islam are not politically correct. They are fervent, profound, and serious believers in the Q’uran and the tenets of Islam. They would rather die or preferably have you die than allow you to uphold even a sentence or phrase of the True Law let alone the Object of Worship for the salvation of all mankind. They will not sugar coat your “heresies” or lifestyle. They will not overlook your “apostacies”. They will hold you accountable for going against their Law. They are merciless.

If these men gain ascendency there will be no more Lotus Sutra; no more SGI; no more NST; no more Nichiren Shu; and no more Kempon Hokke. The propagation of Namu Myoho renge kyo will be outlawed, the men will be killed, the women will be incorporated into their harems, and our children will become the next suicide bombers or exclusive students of Islam. Society and civilization as we know it will cease to exist and we will return to the middle ages. All positive discourses will cease and humanity will be reciting the Q’uran day and night at the expense of scientific and philosophical advancement.

I will not be cowed by Patrick, Phillip Bret, Daisaku Ikeda, Barack Obama, George Bush, Osama Bin Laden, nor Shamon Tsuchiya. I would rather die than see you die or witness a halt to the flow of the Buddhist Law.


  1. Sgi members go out of their way, to call other forms of buddhism evil or deplorable or wrong or all three. The om cult is bad.
    A strong traight of a cult is the demonization of other sects of the same religion. Sgi actively does this. Most of them do not know jack shit about buddhism
    Mormonism was founded by a bipolar pedophile, confabulist. His cult despises catholics. Half of their sunday school education is hateful propaganda against catholics and other christians. Same for moonies.

  2. They are hypocrites who promote interfaith while denouncing those of the Kempon Hokke, Independents, Nichiren Shu, Nichiren Shoshu, and Honmon Butsuryu Shu. They go to Christian and Muslim prayer meetings but shun those who chant Namu Myoh renge kyo.

    Anonymous, we argue for the superiority of the Lotus Sutra but not out of emotionalism but through doctrine (documentation), reason, and actual proof (realization) of life state and vision.

  3. My ex told me all other forms of buddhism are evil. She said especially zen, which i do not agree with. She is sgi. The only really flipped up cults in buddhism that i know about are om and sgi. I cannot stand any ecclesiatical backbiting. Dumnass christians make a point of doing it , no matter what flavor it is. Shows me that most, if not all christianity is bs. The more cultish a so-called faith is the more it attacks other groups, of the same faith and beyond.