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Monday, April 30, 2018

Nichiren Shoshu's great lie of a special (separate) transmission.outside the Sutra.

"Are the voice-hearers protecting those who disparage the Lotus Sutra as a mere written teaching and who put forth their great lies about what they call a special transmission?" -- Nichiren

"People belonging to that school insist that it represents a separate transmission outside the sutras. The Buddha’s final testament states that if someone were to claim that the correct teaching exists outside the sutras, it would be the view of the heavenly devil. How then can the statement about a separate transmission outside the sutras escape this judgment?"

"The Great Teacher Dengyō states: 'If it is not a decree of the ruler of the nation, it should not be honored and obeyed. If it is not the teaching of the Buddha, the Dharma King, it should not be accepted and believed.'”

"The exponents of this school are very arrogant, claiming to possess a “separate transmission outside the sutras,” and look with contempt on all the sutras. This school is the invention of the heavenly devil."


  1. SGI is not far behind with their transmission through the Three Presidents. It's the Daimoku stupid.

  2. " Nyorai metsugo gogohyaku saishi kanjin honzon sho- usually shortened to Kanjin honzon sho or, The Most Venerable One Revealed By Introspecting Our Minds For The First Time At The Beginning Of The Fifth Of The Five- Five Hundred Year Ages" , is a perfect example of the clarity with which Nichiren explains the daimoku and how the Buddha is able to enter our minds. Nichiren didn't keep secrets or hold back the truth even risking his own life ....

    So far, I cannot fins a single SGI member who is familiar with this major writing, which exists in original form in Nichiren's own hand. How weird is that?