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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Daimoku not mentor

"Fortune is being born at the same time as Daisaku Ikeda and learning how to engrave the mentor disciple relationship into our lives so that it is a living, powerful source of energy and wisdom in our lives." -- Jamie Lee Silver

"When one has had the rare good fortune to be born a human being, and the further good fortune to encounter the teachings of Buddhism, how can one waste this opportunity? If one is going to take faith at all, then among all the various teachings of the Mahayana and the Hinayana, provisional and true doctrines, one should believe in the one vehicle, the true purpose for which the Buddhas come into the world and the direct path to attaining enlightenment for all living beings." -- Nichiren

"With regard to the three bodies of a Buddha, the Universal Worthy Sutra states: “A Buddha’s three types of bodies are born from this correct and equal sutra, which is the great seal of the Law that assures entry into the sea of nirvana. It is from this sea that a Buddha’s three types of pure bodies are born. These three types of bodies are fields of good fortune for human and heavenly beings and are highest among those worthy of alms.”

The three bodies are as follows: first, the Dharma body of a Thus Come One; second, the reward body of a Thus Come One; and third, the manifested body of a Thus Come One. These three types of bodies of aThus Come One are invariably possessed by all Buddhas. If we use the moon as an illustration, we may say that the moon itself is comparable to the Dharma body, its light to the reward body, and its reflection to the manifested body. Just as a single moon has these three different aspects, so a single Buddha possesses the virtues of these three different bodies.

These doctrines of the five types of vision and the three bodies are not expounded anywhere outside of the Lotus Sutra. Therefore, the Great Teacher T’ien-t’ai has said, “The Buddha consistently possesses the three bodies throughout the three existences. But in the various teachings, he kept this secret and did not transmit it.” In this passage of commentary, the phrase “in the various teachings” refers not only to the Flower Garland, Correct and Equal, and Wisdom sutras, but to all sutras other than the Lotus Sutra. And the phrase “he kept this secret and did not transmit it” means that, throughout the entire body of scriptures outside of the “Life Span” chapter of the Lotus Sutra, Shakyamuni Buddha, the lord of teachings, concealed and avoided expounding it. Therefore, in performing the eye-opening ceremony for painted or wooden Buddha images, the only authority to rely on is the Lotus Sutra and the T’ien-t’ai school." -- Nichiren

"Now I, Nichiren, was born as a human being, something difficult to achieve, and I have encountered the Buddha’s teachings, which are but rarely to be met with. Moreover, among all the teachings of the Buddha, I was able to meet the Lotus Sutra. When I stop to consider my good fortune, I realize that I am indebted to my parents, indebted to the ruler, and indebted to all living beings." -- Nichiren

Please note, he says nothing about the fortune of meeting his mentor Dozenbo. However, from his other writings we know that Nichiren's "parents' are not only his birth mother and father but Namu Myoho renge kyo [mother] and Shakyamuni Buddha [father].

"I DEEPLY appreciate your sending a letter to this distant place. It is extremely rare to be born as a human being. Not only are you endowed with human form, but you have had the rare fortune to encounter Buddhism. Moreover, out of the Buddha’s many teachings you have encountered the daimoku, or the title, of the Lotus Sutra and become its votary. Truly you are a person who has offered alms to a hundred thousand million Buddhas in his past existences!" -- Nichiren

The "Daimoku", not the mentor.

"...On the other hand, I rejoice at whatever good fortune enabled me to be born in the last five-hundred-year period and to read these true words of the sutra." -- Nichiren

The "words of the Sutra", not the mentor.

“What an occasion for rejoicing! Though born into an evil age that is stained with the five impurities, we have been able to see and hear the true words of the one vehicle. We read that a person who has planted roots of good fortune [under Buddhas] equal in number to the sands of the Hiranyavatī or the Ganges River is able to encounter this sutra and take faith in it. Now you have aroused the mind that rejoices in faith. Thus without a doubt, just as a box and its lid fit together, so will your own faith evoke the Buddha’s compassionate response, and the two will unite as one.” -- Nichiren

"...Zengi and the others of our group have met with great good fortune because of karmic bonds and have been privileged to hear these extraordinary words..." -- Nichiren

"The fourth volume of the Lotus Sutra states: “If there is someone who seeks the Buddha way and for the space of a kalpa presses palms together in my presence and recites numberless verses of praise, because of these praises of the Buddha he will gain immeasurable blessings. And if one lauds and extols those who uphold this sutra, one’s good fortune will be even greater.”

The point of this passage is that one will gain greater blessings by giving alms to the votary of the Lotus Sutra, who in the evil world of the latter age is so intensely hated, than by giving alms to the Buddha for a whole medium kalpa. And if you should wonder who is making such a wild statement, it is none other than Shakyamuni Buddha, the lord of teachings, himself. Whether you doubt or believe him is up to you." -- Nichiren

Instead, SGI castigates the Sutra's votaries and lauds and extols the Muslims, Christians, Jews Brahmins, their mentor, and themselves while condemning and denouncing the teachings of the True Votary Nichiren. This is no different than condemning and denouncing the Great Man himself.

"Therefore, if a woman has the good fortune to encounter this sutra, though she might strip off her skin to use as paper, draw her blood for ink, break her bones for a pen, and shed tears of blood to wet the inkstone, and with these transcribe the words of the sutra, she could never repay the debt she owes it. How much less could she hope to do so, then, through donations of clothing, gold and silver, cows and horses, or fields and farmlands, however numerous these might be?" -- Nichiren

"Therefore the Nirvana Sutra says: “If, after I have entered nirvana, there are monks who observe the precepts that accord with the customs and manners of their respective areas, are correct in all their modes of behavior, and guard and protect the correct Law, when they see someone attempting to destroy the Law, they should immediately oust him, reproach him, and subject him to punishment. And you should understand that if they do so, they will reap such good fortune that it is beyond all calculation.” -- Nichiren

"The Lotus Sutra says, “The Lotus is the foremost!” It also says, “A person who can accept and uphold this sutra is likewise foremost among all living beings.” And it also says, “[And if one lauds and extols those who uphold this sutra], one’s good fortune will be even greater.”

Miao-lo states, “Those who vex or trouble [the practitioners of theLotus Sutra] will have their heads split into seven pieces, but those who give alms to them will enjoy good fortune surpassing the ten honorable titles.” And the Great Teacher Dengyō says, “Those who praise him [theGreat Teacher T’ien-t’ai] will receive blessings that will pile up as high asMount Calm and Bright, while those who slander him will be committing a fault that will condemn them to the hell of incessant suffering.”

Again, SGI hates the real Nichiren, the Supreme Votary of the Lotus Sutra. This fact alone condemns them to the Avici Hell.

"However, though persons who commit only one of the five cardinal sins will fall into the hell of incessant suffering, after one medium kalpa has gone by, their guilt will come to an end and they will rise up out of hell. But, though one may never have violated a single precept and may be firm in one’s aspiration for the way and hopeful of good fortune in one’s next existence, if one turns one’s back on the Lotus Sutra, then, as the sutra says, one will fall into the hell of incessant suffering and will continue to be reborn there for a countless number of kalpas."

Not only does SGI turn their back on the Lotus Sutra but also it's Supreme Votaries, Shakyamuni Buddha and Nichiren Daishonin. No one could be more fortunate than we. They might as well extol a slug as they do their mentor, Daisaku ikeda.

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