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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Dave the "dementored"

"Sensei's guidance is the 'prime point'"?? -- Dave the Dementored

A post from  SGIUnofficial Yahoo groups several years ago...

"We are embarking on a campaign to increase our membership fivefold in six years? (we have about 100,000 members nationwide now) That's 80,000 new members a year...just under 7,000 a month.. every month....for the next six years! Obviously, such an undertaking will require an ultra intense rhythm...And, of course, the first thing that comes up is Kansai...

The April 2 World Tribune has a full page panel discussion among six men who had just taken a four day training session in Kansai... The one page article had 18 references to President Ikeda and one reference to the Gohonzon... In a nutshell, the gist of these men's experience in Kansai is "Turn off your brain. Trust Sensei completely. Just do it!" 

Read it yourself and you'll see that's a very fair encapsulation of the message...

" confidence and trust in President Ikeda..."; 

"...If they practice President Ikeda's guidance exactly they will win..."; 

"...The Kansai members seemed to do very little if any analytical thinking about what President Ikeda says...they just take action..." ;

"I feel I have to...imbue my life with this Kansai Spirit: to take President Ikeda's guidance not just as encouragement but as the absolute prime point..."

What's wrong with this picture?

Sensei's guidance is the "prime point"?? Does that make Daimoku to the Gohonzon chopped liver? Are these men really going to inspire the American organization by discouraging "analytical thinking"...and promoting blind trust for President Ikeda? Is that the message that will revitalize the SGI-USA?... "Don't talk,,,don't think...just follow exactly!"?

I'm already sick of the constant, incessant perpetual force-feeding of "Ikeda,Ikeda, Ikeda Ikeda, Ikeda" and night...night and day... 20 to thirty times in a single meeting...up to 20 times per page of publication...

I respect Daisaku Ikeda...but sometimes I just feel if anyone says that name again I'm just gonna go POSTAL!

The thought of an onslaught of Ikeda force feeding is enough to send me running from the SGI until this is all over...I can take any obstacle...but one more mouthful of pasteurized Ikeda and I just might explode!

HeeellP! Helllp! I'm melting....what a world...what a world!!

Dave the Dementored...

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