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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Differing divergent views in SGI?

"Once again you are not correct to say their are few differing divergent views in SGI. Of course you will find many different, diverging views in sgi, it's the reality of such a diverse grassroots movement. This is another striking example of your selective and dishonest way of arguing. My quote was also from Soka spirit even an earlier there are plenty of later issues that support my claims regarding the Gohonzon. as Nichiren stated the gohonzon is also expressed in the two characters of faith alone. You mentioned forceful propagation! Don't flatter yourself, your biased prejudice and arrogant self conceit. I realize this is a wasteland, I will leave this barren soil. It's not right of me to provide fuel to for internet trolls obsession. All I can declare is a remonstration and leave this wasteland forever... Desolate!" -- Mikael Kjellman


You are kidding yourself Mikael. Diverse views? Place a copy of a Nichiren inscribed Gohonzon in your butsudan and see how long before you are excommunicated. As far as the Gohonzon being found in faith alone, here too, it is you, not I, who take things out of context. In this same Gosho, Nichiren teaches that we awaken faith through doctrine. If the doctrine is incorrect, one's faith will be warped. Since Nichikan/SGI doctrine is warped, the faith of those who embrace their doctrines is warped and the Gohonzon within is obscured. One last point, meritorious is not upholding "diverging views" but rather the view of Nichiren Daishonin. My hope is that before you retire to the SGI phantom city, you read and discuss what I propose.

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