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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Nichiren on those who turn their backs on Shakyamuni Buddha

"Next, they have abandoned their father, Shakyamuni Buddha, and hence stand accused of the five cardinal sins. How can they escape falling into the hell of incessant suffering? And finally, they have turned their backs on their teacher, Shakyamuni Buddha, and thus are to be numbered among those who commit the seven cardinal sins. How could they fail to sink into the evil paths of existence?" -- Nichiren


  1. in "Choosing the Heart of the Lotus Sutra, Nichiren states:

    "We, the various beings who live in this world, have been the beloved children of Shakyamuni Buddha, the lord of teachings, since numberless major world systems dust particle kalpas in the past. And though because of the offense of our unfilial behavior we are unaware of this to this day, we are nevertheless not the same as the beings of another realm. "- Nichiren continues:

    "And yet there are some teachers who deprecate Shakyamuni and pay reverence to the thus Come One Machavairochana, or some teachers who declare that one cannot establish a connection leading to Buddhahood with Shakyamuni, but can establish such a connection with Amida. The teachers support the teachings of the Shakyamuni of the Hinayana teachings, the Shakyamuni of the Flower Garland Sutra, or the Shakyamuni of the theoretical teaching of the Lotus Sutra."---
    [OR in the case of @chas/SGI/NST -- the Buddha, "Ikeda", the Buddha High Priest"--- and by extension the Buddha themselves and each other!!]

    ~Katie - cont'd

  2. cont'd:

    Nichiren continues: "The "Life Span "chapter says, "I am the father of this world because I cure the deranged sons".--

    How deranged is @chas?? declaring Nichiren is a Buddha; claiming he and his Ikeda-bot cohorts are Buddhas-- proclaiming Ikeda is a Buddha-- yet he also shows distinctions between his entourage of "Buddhas"-- elevating Ikeda to the "standard" and the "true mentor" to be revered and emulated without reflecting on how that demotes Ikeda's "Buddha" entrenched following to mere members or disciples of the great one", Ikeda. -- And of course @chas will be quick to claim "No one is comparable to Nichiren"-- so what gives? How can we understand the befuddlement expressed by such inconsistencies and inequity amongst the congregation of Buddhas @chas refers to in order to diminish the primary importance of connecting to Shakyamniu Buddha? Let's turn to Nichiren, (as I always do, for an explanation)

    Nichiren writes in "Choosing the Heart of the Lotus Sutra" :

    "A Buddha whom one establishes a connection that leads to enlightenment, and the various beings who establish such a connection, may be compared top the moon in the sky as it is reflected in countless bodies of clear water. But in the case of a Buddha with whom no such connection can be established, the various beings are comparable to deaf persons straining to hear the sound of thunder or blind persons facing the sun or the moon."- Nichiren

    Aha!! The dull wetted mindless followers of Ikeda are "deaf and blind" solely because they have no connection to Shakyamuni Buddha!! They are ignorant of Nichiren's true teachings because they lap up the heretical and ostensibly "self indulgent" teachings of "persons" who seek wealth and power in this world--They can never attain enlightenment following these "persons"

    ~Katie --cont'd


  3. Nichiren continues: " Forming a bond with a Buddha represents the process of birth, while the maturing of one's Buddhist practice represents the process of upbringing. If the Buddha with whom one forms a bond and under whom one's practice matures is different [from the Buddha of this saha world], then one cannot establish the father and son relationship with the Buddha."

    How many Buddhas does SGI follow? Ikeda, Toda- --each other?? SGI claims there is no reason to show reverence for, praise and express gratitude for Shakyamuni Buddha! AND- SGI teaches that the Gohonzon is the true object of worship, but SGI does not acknowledge Nichiren's Gohonzon as the image of the Eternal Shakaymuni Buddha, therefore they pray to the Gohonzon , believing "they" are True Buddhas- inherently, and superior to Shakaymuni Buddha!

    ONCE AGAIN: in yet another Gosho, we find Nichiren clarifying Shakaymuni amongst ALL Buddhas-- Let's see if @chas gets it, this time :

    " The Thus Come One Machavairochana, the Thus Come One Amida, the Thus Come One Medicine Master, and ALL the other Buddhas of the ten directions are FOLLOWERS OF SHAKYAMUNI , the lord of teachings and OUR ORIGINAL teacher. He is like the moon in the sky that is reflected in ten thousand different bodies of water."-Nichiren

    To summarize-- having made egregious errors regarding the Treasure of the Buddha, in Nichiren's doctrine-- which is without doubt, Shakaymuni Buddha, there is NO connection made to the Buddha of this saha world by the "chanting millions" of SGI-- there is no "Buddhism" in SGI--

    One needs no intermediary to form a connection to the Eternal Buddha- One needs only to chant Namu-myoho-renge-kyo with faith in the Buddha and the Lotus Sutra -- just as Nichiren did, just as Nichiren taught--


  4. The above comments are excerpted from a comment I posted on ARBN where I am consistently refuting the anonymous SGI shill, @chas-- . In my haste to reply here, I failed to "edit out "specific points in response to @chas.


    1. Thank you Katie. I will post your comments tommorrow

    2. SGI are lower than pond scum, barely sentient, they reside in the lower Three Worlds.