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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

SGI Vice Study Chief Dave Baldschun is correct, "all Gohonzon are not equal."

According to another SGI member,

"All Gohonzon are equal" -- SGI member Sweden......

"Hey doc, first of all I it's incredibly childish to claim that any Gohonzon would be superior and it reveals a misconception that the Gohonzon would be a talisman or charm. (Im sure you will deny this by reflex, because this is something Im sure you would like to accuse s.g.i members so please use the Gohonzon as a mirror and hopefully you will) "The power of any Gohonzon, including the Dai-Gohonzon, can be tapped only through the power of faith. In other words, we should be clear that it is wrong to think that the Dai-Gohonzon alone has some kind of unique mystic power that no other Gohonzon possesses. The Dai-Gohonzon and our own Gohonzon are equal."-- Mikael Kjellman proud member SGI Sweden

"All Gohonzon are not equal" -- SGI Vice Study Chief Dave Baldschun......

BUT “Soka Spirit,” has a “featured article of the month” by Dave Baldschun (SGI-USA Study Dept Vice Chief) entitled: “Are All Gohonzons the same?” In that official SGI article, Baldschun arrogantly asserts, “At a time when copies of Gohonzon, some inscribed in Nichiren Daishonin’s own hand, are available over the counter or from the Internet, these examples offer a valuable lesson. Even though a Gohonzon is a Gohonzon, the source is important. We should be aware of those offering Gohonzon and teachings under the  guise of Nichiren Buddhism but who are, in fact, propagating views that distort Daishonin’s teachings. In Letter to the Lay Priest Ichinosawa, the Daishonin states, If [sic!] the source is muddy, the stream will not flow clear…”

Nichiren Daishonin as source is muddy? Are they mad? Nichikan and his Gohonzon is pure dirt that causes the SGI believer to cultivate the Three Poisons of Anger, Avarice and Stupidity. Look at those like Top Senior Leader and Etoro. If you want to be like Top Senior Leader, Etoro, or Danny “DONT YOU THINK SO” Nagashima, continue to chant to a Nichikan no-Honzon

In an April 30th 2001 memo, “Distribution of Gohonzons” the SGI teaches that distribution of Gohonzon by any means outside of SGI [for example, via the internet, the Nichiren Shu, or the Kempon Hokke] is detrimental to the true spirit of Nichiren’s teachings which is only propagated within the SGI. Dave Baldshun, drunk with the arrogance of SGI, asserts that receiving, revering, or chanting to such a Gohonzon “would only create confusion and disharmony within SGI’s community of believers and thus may serve to undermine one’s own faith and that of other’s.” He then reafirms the policy of “the conferral of Gohonzon only as within the SGI, “the correct body of believers upholding the Daishonin’s teaching today. We do not support or condone the distribution, receipt, or reproduction of any Gohonzon in any other manner.”

Dave Baldschun is correct. Not all Gohonzon are equal.....

The irony is that Dave Baldshun is correct, not all Gohonzons are the same. The Nichikan Gohonzon is flotsum on the Great Ocean of Life and Death. Chanting to it is an offering of offal to the Buddha and the Great Direct Way to the Hell of Incessant Suffering. Being a brainwashed Ikedabot and unthinking member of SGI, is the least of their problems.

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