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Sunday, May 6, 2018

"The honorary chairman Ikeda is my mentor in life. His teachings are my meat and drink" -- SGI Political Party (Komeito) leader Takenori Kanzaki"

"The Lotus Sutra says that its practitioners will be cursed and spoken ill of and will encounter hatred and jealousy even more severe than in Sakyamuni's time. 'This sutra is hard to uphold,' the Lotus Sutra also says. In the Gosho, citing these sutra passages, the Daishonin repeatedly explains that those who propagate the Mystic Law in the Latter Day will be assailed by many difficulties. This certainly has been the case in my life. I am living Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism with my entire being. I have borne one attack after another. I have inherited President Toda's spirit and withstood all. **No one but I could have endured what I have.** I am living solely to safeguard the legacy of President Makiguchi, to protect the SGI and the members who are so dear to me. Today, at this gathering to commemorate May 3 -- which represents the prime point of the Soka Gakkai and the SGI -- I want you to understand this earnest, unwavering spirit that guides my life." (World Tribune, June 13, 1997, p.11-12) April 21, 1997, speech by Daisaku Ikeda in commemoration of May 3

"Probably no one could ever come close to repeating what I have accomplished." (World Tribune, September 26, 1997, p. 11).

"In understanding sensei's concerns and desires, and chanting to make sensei's concerns my concerns, I can *gain* sensei's heart. When I understand sensei's concerns and integrate them into my daily life, I am truly walking step in step with sensei." -- Pat Matthews

"I can understand your problem. Sensei is trying to open your heart of compassion to others." -- Pat Matthews

"If President Ikeda, who has led activities for realizing world peace for more than 40 years, is not the Buddha, then, there is no hope that I can become a Buddha. Then, Buddhism is a mere idealism, and I will quit." -- Public statement on arbn by Richard Hower

"SGI President Ikeda has been doing this for the most of his life, and took the initiative for establishing world peace. He is respected by thousands of world leaders. If he is not the Buddha of the 20th century, then who can be?"-- Richard Hower

"I have a problem with PI = God (or Nikken = God) i.e., perfection and salvation through worshipping them. I have no problem with PI = Buddha" --Shirley, SGI member

"Tremendous! A Russian Scholar who is neither a member of the SGI, nor even a Buddhist gave such a profound talk! She did not specifically mention who is the Buddha of the modern times. But from the context, I believe that she is pointing to Ikeda SENSEI as the *Buddha of the modern times*, and that, in more general sense, all members of the Soka Gakkai International throughout the world are Buddhas of the modern times." --Richard Hower, SGI-USA member, from his website:

"Ive been in the SGI all my life, and I would do anything for SGI, Pres. Ikeda" -- Pat Hawes, SGI-USA member

"After the Chinese government massacred students at Tennanmon square, China became an outcast in the international community. Ikeda said, "our friends are suffering. Let’s visit them and encourage them!" -- Andy 357, SGI member

"Because We have the money, and Hokkeko does not have EVEN A FRACTION of the money we have, who do you think will win this battle between the corrupt priesthood and SGI?" -- Richard Hower, SGI-USA member

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