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Sunday, May 6, 2018

The SGI Wizard of OZ by lelakum

"I've got it! Daisaku Ikeda can be the wonderful wizard. Dorothy represents the Ikeda cult membership, and the wicked witch can be the high priest of Nichiren Shoshu. The tin man, scarecrow, and the courageous lion represent the Soka Spirit leadership.

It would go something like this: Dorothy gets whisked away from her "home" (representing enlightenment) by the e-e-e-e-vil wicked high priest. The Ikeda cult senior leaders, who play the munchkins, and Glinda the good witch, who is Danny Nagashima tell Dorothy to follow the yellow brick road to the wonderful wizard. The road would be paved with pages from the world tribune. The evil apple trees who represent the dantos will throw apples at Dorothy and the SS trio who will magically transform themselves into the fruit of enlightenment. Then the e-e-e-evil high priest makes them sleepy and they lose all ichinen to fight. But Danny boy appears in Glinda the good witches gown and showers them with sensei's guidance to fight! fight! fight! and defeat the e-e-e-e-e-vil Nikken!

They wake up and finally arrive in the Emerald City, which represents a culture festival. They go to SGI HQ Castle. They explain that Daisaku Ikeda gave them guidance to come and they are allowed in. Inside is a huge big screen Mitsubishi TV with Ikeda's face on it, telling them they must first kill the wicked witch before Dorothy can go "home." So, they go to temple, the domain of the wicked witch. On the way, flying monkeys, who represent the Nichiren Shoshu members, steal Toto from Dorothy and she gets very sad, but very very angry. Dorothy finally arrives at the temple, and to make a long story longer, she kills the wicked witch, shakubukus all the temple guards and members, and rescues the DaiGohonzon, to bring to Daisaku Ikeda. But when they arrive, they say "come back tomorrow." Toto runs over and pulls back a curtain, revealing that Daisaku Ikeda is just a common mortal. But Daisaku explains that he didn't really lie- he just had to use an expedient to get them to realize that they had the power all along for enlightenment.

They were so thrilled that they hung up portraits of the Wizard, and even sang songs in praise of him. They had accepted the wizard into their hearts, and wanted to be the same mind as him, even though they only met him once. They read his weekly guidance and even made daily prayers to him. Because of him, Dorothy was able to find home.

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