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Sunday, May 13, 2018

"The time to attack is Now." -- SGI Kitano Memo

"Somebody goes over to Danto and starts a point, but we do nothing. A line or Danto group starts and we do nothing. It then increases- regional, registered by law - and if we still do nothing then a Temple will be built. Sensei says: "If you challenge evil, then you must decide the time and the place to destroy evil". Basically: Choose the 'place' while it is still relatively small, and this applies equally to the 'time', ie the time to attack is Now."

"In order to destroy the overseas strategies of the Nikken sect, I want to make a suggestion to all the representatives that we start a special SGI campaign against the Nikken sect starting today to last until the end of the Tozan of 100,000 people."-- Kitano Memo

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