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Monday, June 4, 2018

For those who don’t believe in the Lotus Sutra, Sakyamuni Buddha is dead

"Again, it is written, “Whosoever receives and keeps this Lotus Sutra, reads it, correctly bears it in mind, practices it, writes and copies it, let it be known that such a person beholds Sakyamuni Buddha face to face, and hears the words of this sutra directly from the Buddha’s mouth. Such a one thus also venerates Sakyamuni Buddha in person.” This passage means that the Lotus Sutra and Sakyamuni Buddha are one and the same thing. For those who don’t believe in the Lotus Sutra, Sakyamuni Buddha has gone to extinction and does not appear anymore, but for those who believe in this sutra, even though it is said that he has gone to extinction, the Buddha is present in this world. Again it is written, “After I have attained Buddhahood and have gone on to nirvana, if there is any place in the ten directions where the Lotus Sutra is preached, with my stupa, I will be there and manifest myself in that place to hear the sutra being preached, and will attest to the truth of the sutra.” This passage means that when we ordinary beings of this latter age of the dharma recite the august title of the Lotus Sutra, Prabhutanaratna Tathagata, on account of his vow, will come and be present. -- (STN 1, 123: 8–14)9 -- Shugo kokka ron by Nichiren Daishonin

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