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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Mystical Trip into Sensei's Heart

"Let’s eternally protect and perpetuate the
truth and justice of the way of
mentor and disciple.
The strength of the bond between mentor and disciple
is determined by the disciple’s efforts.
Uphold the mentor’s teachings and
manifest them in your daily activities,
thus realizing the principle of “practice equals victory.
You are individuals with a mission.
Protect the mentor and
prevail over injustice.
Be genuine lions and dedicate your lives
to upholding justice and truth.
Live your life straight and true
according to the guiding principles
taught by the mentor.
When we brim with a strong resolve
based on the spirit of “together with the mentor”
and “for the mentor’s sake”
we are able to manifest unfathomable strength.
Let’s become disciples with sun-like qualities."

Nichiren on the other hand:

“Yet it was not I, Nichiren, who made these three important pronouncements. Rather it was in all cases the spirit of the Thus Come One Shakyamuni that had entered into my body. And having personally experienced this, I am beside myself with joy."

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