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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Our demands

I know you don’t like what we have to say about you. There is only one thing you can do in order for us to stop our criticism. You should resign immediately from the Soka Gakkai and sit upright and ponder the ultimate reality. There is no debate about our demands. You are neither worthy of receiving alms nor of teachings the Great Bodhisattvas Who Spring from the Earth. Our leader is Nichiren Daishonin. The Buddha to whom we owe allegiance is Shakyamuni Buddha of the Juryo Chapter of the Lotus Sutra. We offer alms to the true priests who desire little and remonstrate with the enemies of the Lotus Sutra at the cost of their lives.

Even should you join us and support us with your bones and marrow, life will not be easy. You will have no members for whom you can draw sustenance. The Buddhist gods and protective forces have left the land and even if one or two remain, they are loathe to protect those who have long abandoned the Lotus Sutra and slandered the children of the Buddha.

Many of you have no marketable skills other than robbery, thievery, public relations, marketing, and psychological manipulation. We have no use for robbers, thieves, and psychological manipulators and the Gohonzon takes care of our marketing and public relations. For the foreseeable future, unless you develop other marketable skills, you will become poor and humble seekers of the Way, in the mold of many of the original disciples of Nichiren Daishonin. You may have to sell your homes, withdraw your children from private schools, rely on your ill gotten savings and investments, or work two jobs, to make ends meet. This is a small price to pay for attaining Buddhahood in this very body.

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