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Sunday, June 3, 2018

The real transfer documents

First, the "Rokuroso" is the Succession, the real overall transfer doc.

Go-yui-gon refers to Minobu.

In Heisei 4 [1992], November, the Shuso Gosenge Kiroku (in the archives of Nishiyama Hommonji) that was written by Nikko, was designated an important national property, and its contents made open to the public. This includes "Rokuroso" [the real transfer document] and the "Go-yui-gon" ["Nichiren's Last Will & Testament"]

Rokuroso: "I hereby determine that the following six disciples: Renge Ajari Nichiji, Iyo-ko Nitcho, Sado-ko Niko, Byakuren Ajari Nikko, Daikoku Ajari Nichiro, Ben Ajari Nissho, in no order [no rank], are my major disciples. Accordingly, I have selected them to carry out my matters into the future."

Go-yui-gon: "The Honorable testament dictates: Of the Buddha; the standing statue of Shakya, must be placed beside [My] grave. Of the Sutra; My most essential writings, namely, the explanatory notes to the Hokkekyo, [Chu Hokekyo] are to be placed together, in the mausoleum. The six [equally ranked] disciples, at the time of their watch, must read these.

[literally: "Shakya standing statue grave beside must placed. My collection most essential writings namely explanatory notes Hokkekyo same basket place mausoleum. Six persons fragrant flower take turns read these."

1997: Nichiren Buddhism Modern Religious Institute 'refutes' the Go-ibutsu-haibun-cho" ["Distribution of the Mementos"] kept at Ikegami based on Go-yui-gon

2006: SGI has yet to admit publicly that the Rokuroso and Go-yui-gon refute the Minobu & Ikegami Transfer Documents.

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