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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Those were the days.

I know how hard it is to maintain faith in the SGI in the information age. Wasn't it easy before we knew the truth about the SGI, when everything was filtered through our leaders and any doubts we had were quickly quashed by a leader telling us we lacked faith?


  1. pre 1978 it was .... u have no face.

  2. Cheers! The internet is certainly a "potential" venue for good!

    I know of countless SGI members who are either Youth division or "newly" indoctrinated, reading posts/comments on Eagle Peak and doing their own research. I call this a benefit of the "Trump era"-- and the awakening to personal responsibility for verifying information!


  3. Can this aptly be said of all of Mark's Top Ten Hit Parade "Nichiren" organizations? "The Internet represents freedom of information. When Witnesses read anything other than the propaganda the Watchtower puts out, they can see truthful gaping holes and rapidly changing theology. In other words, the Governing Body has learned that almost every time any Witness begins to cross-examine the organization, their speed of departure is directly proportionate to their personal honesty towards the facts of history." Hmmmmmm