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Sunday, June 3, 2018

When SGI stops lying about us we will stop telling the truth about them

link.html [Scroll down to (2) Refutation against Kempon Hokke Shu]

That “Gohonzon” shop is at the head temple of Nichiren Shu and has zero to do with the Kempon Hokke. Not only that, as anyone of us can testify, the Kempon Hokke Gohonzon is FREE. The Dharma is free. The Kempon Hokke has not one but several Nichiren Gohonzon. SGI lies to cover their own perverted tracks, their billions of dollars collected in Amway styled money schemes from the backs of their own members. We have asked the despicable Rubys to remove their deplorable lying Kempon Hokke websites but they are still out there and not just on “Wayback Machine”. But SGI Patrick rails that we “are mean” to the poor SGI and their “honest and upright members”. GIVE US A BREAK. Better he should admonish his own comrades for their poor behavior than the Kempon Hokke members. When we supply pictures of SGI members groveling before forty foot banners of Daisaku Ikeda or his semi-nude bronze Sho Hondo relief, they are real photographs and real incidents, not made up fantasies within the warped minds of Soka Gakkai members and leaders.

Although I am no longer a Kempon Hokke member [for various transgressions perpetrated by the Kempon Hokke sect], SGI's lies about the Kempon Hokke are still lies.

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