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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Bluebirds of happiness resting comfortably on Sensei's shoulders

"Where is the PROOF that the "Dr.: Daisaku Ikeda... 

1) saw an incident of racism with children playing with a ball in Chicago 
2) said anything about it?

Is it recorded? Or is it another outright fabrication by Ikeda and his public relations hacks?

Ikeda is an expert in race relations in Chicago in the 1970's? 

This is pure unadulterated SGI propaganda. They want to portray Ikeda like Caesar who shows up somewhere and says..."I came I saw I conquered" then they build a statue to the Great Man. Its vulgar vile idolatry, the same as practiced by petty dictators around the world. Who else, other than petty dictators, get their acolytes to build statues of them? At least the pigeons will have somewhere to s-it, on Ikeda's head. As has been said since the beginning of this thread, Ikeda is an Egomaniac." --anticult

Hehe. No problem. they will have a YMD cleaning off the pigeon droppings several times a day, maybe even one chasing off the pigeons or they will call the pigeons "bluebirds of happiness" resting comfortably on Sensei's shoulders.

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